Mar 202016

A young warrior stood at the bow of the ship, starring into the northern sky as the sun set and night flew slowly through the air. Although the new adventurer was human, her hazelnut hair was braided in an elvish fashion, and her chainmail armor and twin short swords were also of elvish origin. Two elves approached the young woman, a husband and his wife, and joined the human. The male’s brown hair was both long and untamed, while the female’s black hair was shorter and neatly braided.

“We’re proud of you for making this decision.” The elf wife said. “We never expected you would want to go back.”

The human didn’t say anything. She continued to look out at the horizon through her bright green eyes.

“We expect there to be more trouble than you can handle.” The elf husband added. “It’s perfectly understandable if you call for help.”

Again, the bard didn’t speak. She only acknowledged that she heard her foster parents with a slow blink.

“Usually at this age…” Lausian continued. “Elves will choose a name to be known as adults. We were wondering if you wanted to choose your own adventuring name. Although, Mika is a cute name.”

“Zeboime.” Mika said. “There was an old legend of a spirit of the sea with the name Zeboim, but I prefer a different pronunciation of it. I always loved the sea…” She shifted her weight to lean farther off the front of the ship to further feel the gentle push of the wind.

“Zeboime it is.” Antinuah nodded in confirmation.

The two elves left their adopted daughter to her thoughts. An hour passed, and an island loomed into sight on the horizon. “See you soon.” Zeboime said.

Meanwhile, on the island, the corpse of a man wandered about aimlessly through a ruined village. The corpse had a large gash through the center of his chest, blood matted in his hazelnut hair, and his green eyes were dull. He kept searching for something, but he knew not what it was.

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