The Big Top: Why?

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Jun 292010

I really wanted the new top hat, because, well, it is a top hat.

I figured the UMD bonus must stack, because there is a +1 UMD item on Korthos. And resistable dance as a clicky is … resistable … easily … meaning … not so useful.*

*See I am being nice there are many other words I could have used other than “not so useful” 🙂

But no, it does not appear to stack.

So I wonder, maybe it is only good when Epic-ized? Nope, the Epic Big Top has only a +3 enhancement bonus to UMD. There are several lower level items that have this or better, including an easily obtainable minimum-level-seven end reward.

But the dancing is upgraded and is now Irresistable. Is that the point? Three dance charges now available to non-casters? At caster level 15? Against Epic monsters and spell resistance?

I am underwhelmed.

It sure does look cool though.

[Correction] The UMD bonus DOES stack with other items including the Golden Cartouche. Thanks to Modulex for pointing this out. Even so, the epic version of the hat remains underpowered.

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  1. There is a forum post where a developer (Toledo?) says the UMD on Big Top stacks.

    It has enhancement type bonus compared to competence type, like on other UMD items.

    So if the items UMD doesn’t stack, file a bug report.

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