Aug 192016

There are good things about living in the South. Bad things too, some very bad, but that is a post for another day. Today I want to share some of the best things.

The flowers.

Except in the South, it is not just flowers. Trees bloom too, and bushes, and everything. There is one special week in the spring when the weather is perfect and azaleas and dogwoods are both at their best and that week is just magical. Like nothing I had ever seen.


For a few weeks every spring, it is like living in a fairy tale

But the flowers don’t stop. Except in winter, something is blooming all the time. It is really quite amazing to someone coming from a semi-arid region where there are not even trees except where you plant them and even then you have to water them to keep them alive.

Here, you can jam a stick in the ground and it will probably grow.

All of the following pictures were taken in my yard over the course of the last few months. Not some fancy botanical garden. My yard! And this isn’t even a complete catalog, I just don’t happen to have any pictures of the canna or the rose of sharon or the blueberry bushes or the crepe myrtle trees or … well, you get the point. There is more. Quite a bit more.



Azalea bushes



Camillia bushes





day lily

Day lillies



Forsythia bush



Magnolia tree. When this blossom opens all the way it will be about the size of a dinner plate.


Redbud bush or tree (I am not sure)

Redbud bush (or tree, I am not sure)


Click on any of the images for a full-sized, wallpaper worthy explosion of color.

Very nice.

🙂 😀 🙂

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  1. I want come to your house with my camera. Wait, does Shutterfly limit how many pics you can upload?

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