Nov 092013


So, not gonna be a very long blog post. Just an informative one for people who like it when blogs are informatively filled with information regarding things they like being informed about. Or, you know, a blog full of worthless words and sentences to make it seem like a longer blog than it really is. Kinda like Im doing now. The title? Needlessly long. The second sentence where I use the word ‘Information’ as many different was as possible? Why would I do that? These last few sentences? Seriously. Im getting out of hand!

While we’re on the topic of old people, lets get something clear: They smell funny.

So anyways, time for me to be informative. As we all know, boobies are fun… Oh wait, wrong blog for that. My bad!

As we all know, I play some awkward play hours. This is mostly because of the hours that I work. Pretty much my work days look like this:

1: Work late night shift.

2: Go home, eat and play online.

3: Sleep.

4: Wake up, eat and head off to work.

For a while, I was doing 2 jobs. But Im back down to my 1 job now. The second one was temporary so I could pull in some cash for something important. Something very important. Something so important I had to get that temporary second job. See? Rambling again. Arent I grand?

I play when I get home because thats really when Im still awake and unable to go to sleep. Playing wares me out. Alows me to relax. Relaxing is good. Or so they say. Then again, they say lots of things. Did you know they once tried to tell me aliens dont exist? When I argued that aliens do indeed exist, they asked me for proof! My proof? Star Wars. There are aliens in Star Wars. As such, there must be aliens here too! they think Im cuckoo for coco puffs when really Im grrrrrrrrreat!

Anyways, coming up in a few months, my work schedule is maybe going to change. Which is great! I need a change even if its only going to be for a month or two(if it happens). Pretty much, Ill be sleeping mornings, working evenings and playing late night. Which is even MORE awkward for playing with people because, you know, therell be like nobody online! Well, maybe Even would be. Maybe. Possibly.

In other news, because of the one or two(maybe 20) blogs that Mr Geoff Hanna wrote about 143 years ago, I got bored a few months back and started watching Lost. Its a decent show. Really predictable though. Other than that though, I like it okay.

Well, thats it for this blog. Im off MMOs for the next week. I need some Mizzatime off from them. Most games in general. I just wanna go out and play.


Hope everyone has great happy fun times!


Mizzaroos Song Of The Day

(Easily the best song they ever made)

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  1. Or you can jump into Sarlona and play with some chinese people.

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