Mar 092016

The Battle Ended With No Casualties
Today, like all days, is new and full of possibilities. But unlike all the other days, today is the first full day since DDO has moved to a new data center.

New servers hosting our DDO servers. Although I imagine they are not “servers” so much as leased capacity. Nonetheless, all of the bits and bytes that make up our lovely game had to be transitioned to new physical and virtual locations, and instantiated and tested and otherwise tucked in nicely before bedtime.

All of that moving and reinstalling and so forth … it just seems fraught with peril. Doesn’t it? Fraught. Extra fraught, if there is such a thing.

Being the cynical type that I am, when I first read Cordovan’s announcement, I assumed the worst:

The DDO game servers will be down from 5:00 AM – 5:00 PM Eastern (-5 GMT) on Tuesday, March 8th to move the game servers to a new data center. It is possible that the game worlds will be open prior to 5:00 PM Eastern, but we’ll keep you up to date on the forums and social media.

I assumed that meant we would not be playing our scheduled guild night last night, and just sort of penciled in that I would not be playing yesterday at all. Maybe not even today.

Nor was I alone in my trepidation. Judging by the traffic yesterday, not everyone knew about the down time, and some amount of panic had arisen.

But no. The downtime ended early. I am not certain exactly how much earlier, I was doing other things, but at least an hour. More importantly, the transition seems to have been accomplished painlessly.

  • Our airship had all of its amenities
  • I had no issues logging in
  • One of our guildmates had log in problems but they seemed to be on him rather than on DDO
  • Best of all, no lag

This is not definitive of course, we were off in our own area (A Study In Sable) doing our own thing (progressing towards cap on Elite). Lag was not expected. But then, lag never is, and often we would experience it in spite of our expectations.

Not last night.

As far as one person’s anecdotal evidence goes, the transition was perfect.

Nicely played, whichever Turbine people were involved, nicely played indeed.

The new day dawns bright and cheery, doesn’t it?

🙂 😀 🙂

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  1. Don’t jinx it!

  2. 15 minutes early

  3. Many players commented positively that the public instances appeared faster. Our meta-guild jumped into the most lag-prone raid, “Defiler of the Just,” to see if things improved. Sadly, no. But we did complete that test. Here’s hoping that there’s still a bit of optimizing to do in the new data center home.

    • I suspect Defiler of the Just is plagued by something that is difficult to re-code rather than anything server-related. Only your dev knows for sure.

  4. 1 week later and I have to say that I have been lag riddled in every raid I have participated in since the move.
    2 (both LH) Legendary Tempest spines, a (EE) Master Artificer, a (EE) Lord of Blades and 2 (HE) heroic Shrouds. The Tempest spines were terrible, but the Master Artificer was worse the group was 2 deaths away from Lag wipe in the boss fight and that was before Margie & Ronny came out to say Hi! We did prevail however, but Lag in Raids is very very painful still.

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