Mar 212012
Hydruxs Di Sarlona, Redwillow MVP
Hydruxs Di Sarlona
Redwillow Superstar

It was that kind of pick-up party. You know, the kind where everyone is super squishy, no one is good at sticking together, and one player thinks his job is to solo the whole quest but without having the ability to do so.

Yes, that kind of party. The kind that smells like Doom, and not just any Doom but Doom with a capital “D”.

Especially in Redwillow where it is so easy to get separated and all of the bad guys hit really, really hard. On elite.

I would have bet anything that the party would wipe, or at the very least have one of those runs where everyone is mostly dead and getting soulstones to the shrine is our constant strategic goal.

But no.

Time after time, I am surrounded by bad guys and my 101 hit points are disappearing like cake samples at Walmart when a Cure arrives at the exactly perfect last second.

On at least three occasions I am sure I am about to see my screen go grey and my soulstone pop out but somehow the healer saves me each and every time.

And he is doing the same for everyone. It is an incredible display of 6th-level healing prowess. Even the squishy wizard who is intentionally drawing all of the monsters into his firewall although it is too weak to do more than give them a mild tan.

Even the ranger with less hit points than my artificer.

Even me.

It is an impressario performance, the likes of which I may never see again. No one died, not once, the entire quest, even though we were all on the edge of death the entire time.

In a time where “BYOH” is becoming the norm and even asking for a Resist buff can be met with obnoxiousness, here is someone who is embracing his party support role and excelling at it!

I am not saying this is the best healer ever, we have some really excellent healers in our guild and they do amazing things every day. But it was definitely the best single healing performance I’ve ever seen by a low-level cleric who doesn’t even have the Heal spell yet.

Hats off to you Hydruxs Di Sarlona, whoever you are. Bravo! Well done! Huzzah!

πŸ™‚ πŸ˜€ πŸ™‚

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  1. This is exactly why you rock- you unerringly find the positive about DDO. In a time where everyone accentuates the negative, you swim upstream. Certainly, a grand huzzah to Hydruxs for being heals on wheels, but accept a lil’ hat doffing your own self. Cheers!

  2. Unguilded too, it’s a shame he’s…uh…too tall for the Commando’s πŸ™‚

  3. Hero of the day:
    “The” Hydruxs Di Sarlona
    Many ‘Kudos’, sir.

  4. Jall is bouncing up and down applauding both Hydruxs’ performance, and a blog post acknowledging that healers who just, you know, HEAL can be awesome.

  5. Refreshingly easy to run around that corner to heal your party members. Thanks for calling out a hero!

  6. This was a fun praise to read, gj!

  7. Thank you all for the kind words πŸ™‚ It makes this a lot more fun to know that others are enjoying it too.

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