The All New Warforged

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May 212015

The all-new Warforged!

Four new models for ’15!

     You’ll lose your heart to Warforged’s stunning, advanced Free-flow styling — luxurious interiors — beautiful new Console-Key instrument panel with Flite-Glo dials — and new Comfort-aire ventilation!

     Those new Warforged engines are still another heart-thrill!

     Extra power for “Safety-sprint” acceleration that enables you to move out front with incredible ease

     In short, your heart, your pocketbook, and your own good judgement will tell you that the new Warforged for ’15 are the greatest Warforged ever built! No better time to seem them than than right now!

A s k   t h e   m a n   w h o    o w n s   o n e

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  1. What the Heck??

  2. I see some unfortunate implications regarding ownership of a sentient being. But that’s what makes the ad both amusing and all “WTF?” to me. House Cannith men in fedoras. Snazzy. 🙂

  3. Peace-forged? Get your piece today and experience the natural superiority that comes with our “against the flow” exclusive, anti-dps peace-power, flower, power ups! You beat me to another one sir 😉

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