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Live from the scene of the 2015 GAMEY Awards! With the actual awards only hours away, the world focuses on the red carpet!

Celebrities arrive by the droves in their chauffeured limosines; perfectly made up, immaculately coiffed, dressed in the top designer’s very best. Lining up for the cameras – no holding back, no smile too wide, no pose too elegant, no outfit too DDO-inspired.

Everyone who is anyone is here, each trying to outdo the other. And of course they are! No celebrity is going to miss a chance to be seen at the GAMEY awards!

The small crowd of fans lucky enough to get tickets press against their velvet rope boundaries: cameras flash in a semi-continuous explosion of brightness.

“Anne, over here!” they shout, trying to get the perfect shot. “Madonna! Madonna!”

Let’s take a look:


Fashion maven Anna Wintour in the Regalia of the Phoenix

Anna Wintour earns two thumbs up for her interpretation of the famously colorful Regalia of the Phoenix.



Singer Nicki Minas as a Gnome

Singer Nicki Minaj as a Gnome Illusionist

Nicki Minaj wows as a perfectly Gnomish Gnome.



Singer Madonna, actor Michelle Monaghan, singer Miley Cyrus

Madonna in padded armor, Michelle Monaghan in leather, and Miley Cyrus in a chain shirt

Singers Madonna and Miley Cyrus team up with actress Michelle Monaghan to illustrate DDO’s original light armor choices: Madonna in Padded Armor, Michelle in Leather Armor, and Miley in a Chain Shirt. How unusual to see celebrities coordinating like this! Kudos for team creativity!



Singer Beyonce is inspired by the symbol of the Coin Lords while her sister Solange dresses as a tower shield

Singer Beyonce is inspired by the symbol of the Coin Lords while her sister Solange dresses as a tower shield

Oh look, another team up! Sisters Beyonce and Solange Knowles stun as Beyonce channels the symbol of the Coin Lords, while daring Solange comes as the Purple Dragon Shield. Amazing!



Actress Lupita Nyomgo dress in Mass Camouflage

Actress Lupita Nyongo dressed in Mass Camouflage

Actress Lupita Nyongo perfectly captures the essence of the Mass Camouflage spell. Where did you go Lupita? We can’t see you!



Acrtress Anne Hathaway as the GAMEY award

Actress Anne Hathaway as the GAMEY award

Saving the best for last, our personal favorite: actress Anne Hathaway as an actual GAMEY award! And how appropriate is that? Seeing as how the actual GAMEY Awards are only hours away?


Check back Monday to see who won!

🙂 😀 🙂

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  1. We’ll never know if they are wearing real armor or cosmetic armor.

  2. I heard Vin Diesel was going to get on the carpet as a Hill Giant Soothsayer but his PnP session ran over.

  3. Solange Knowles as the PDK shield – oh, I’m gonna be giggling over that for a while!

  4. Now this is the kind of in the field cutting edge reporting that’s missing from the media these days! Superbly done! You should win a Pulitzer or at least a soup can dressed as a Pulitzer!

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