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The teleport spell is not the only method of travel that carries the chance of disaster. Portals are also known to inflict a heavy price upon their users.

The portals that are used by the Devil Armies of Shavarath are reported to be fairly safe, perhaps a benefit of the Lawful aspect of a devil’s alignment, but a portal created by their demonic cousins are known to carry inherent instabilities; individuals do occasionally go astray. The portals which spring from the Plane of Madness are much worse. Luedwig believes that the portals from the Plane of Xoriat take a sentient delight in the art of disassemblings and suffusions. Sometimes they get lucky and we end up with a viable “cutting”.

Luedwig has dubbed this horror; The Chive Tyrant! The dwarf lives in a very small box.

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  1. What’s this about tossing salad?

  2. That is just awesome! Thank you for sharing it!

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