Feb 062013

Looks like a Dracolich to me
Skeletal? Check. Draconic? Check. Dracolich? One assumes.

How unexpected.

I log in this morning to see if I can squeeze out another 5k XP on my perpetually 18th-level fighter Chelena.

Foggy-eyed, foggy-brained, still sipping my first cup of morning coffee, I am not expecting any sort of game-based surprises.

But wait, what was that? I look again, I was not mistaken was I? The splash screen I just briefly noticed featured a Dracolich. Didn’t it?

I page through my Turbine installation folder until I find the splash screens.* Sure enough, one of them is previewing Update 17 and features what looks to be a Dracolich opposing what looks to be a storm giant.

* In case you are curious, Turbine stores ten splash screens on your PC. To find them yourself, first go to your DDO installation folder. For me, that is D:\Program Files\Turbine\DDO Unlimited. Then browse to raw\en\logo for the English versions. French and German versions can be found in similar folders.

I’ve seen posts from people who have previewed the raid. I sort of squint to avoid reading anything spoilery, but I did notice that everyone seems to really like the new raid. It appears to be both well done and popular. I saw no one posting negatives.

I know I could just run the raid on Lamannia right now and find out, but I don’t want to, I want to experience the new raid for the first time with my guild and my Gamer Girl. Besides, it is fun to speculate. So I hold off. No spoilers.

But it doesn’t count as an early spoiler if Turbine is forcing me to see it on the splash screen, right? So there we have it, a Dracolich versus a Storm Giant in an episode titled “Uncover the Truth”.

It doesn’t take a Kalashtar to figure out that this is the Truthful One, now undead, unsurprising since he would have to be 10000 years old, versus the modern-day Stormreaver.

Fight a dracolich
Plus Epic Gianthold Tor:
Update 17

My favorite quest in the game, Gianthold Tor, on Epic! Plus a well-received raid featuring a Dracolich. Hurry up and get here Update 17! Stop lollygagging about over on Lamannia and go live already, would ya?

Some of us are excited to see you.

πŸ™‚ πŸ˜€ πŸ™‚

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  1. Yeah! You didn’t know The Truthful One was a dracolich until now? ‘Cause when I first heard about the new raid being against The Truthful One, I was all “Cross one more need-to-raid opponent of my list!” πŸ™‚ I think all that’s on that list now (though give me some time and I’ll probably be able to add more) is an *actual* daelkyr in *their* home. πŸ˜‰

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