May 022015

Hi everyone, my toon name is Bentor and I play on Khyber.  All of my alts are BentXXX something to keep it in the family.

Jeff was kind enough to let me have access to his blog website, so I figured I better give it a go.

Oh, Threnal, how I love you more now, or you can now stick it to Cole.

Have been running out in Threnal for the first time in a while.  Looking about in the explorer esque error I can’t help but still be amazed by all of the details that were put into this game!  The amount of nooks and crannies in the ruins area, the memorial, the statues, not to mention some great NPC dialogue scattered all over the place.  This round I even noticed the unique crests put onto the tents.  I have not noticed them other places in the game and will have to keep an eye out for them else where. (sorry if the photos aren’t that great will have to practice that part)

ScreenShot00013    ScreenShot00007

The first is from the Eastern site tents and the second from the others in the area and the Devil’s Canteena, apparently you can rent tents there too!  Really fitting since there are Fire Reavers everywhere too.  The House Deneith crest on the left has the goat, lion, and dragon.  Seem to remember those from somewhere else too….house Deneith related!

Everyone seems to dislike the quests, with the change to Cole duty I actually had fun doing them.  And where else can you get such great end rewards list, gotta catch em all!!


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  1. Retribution is a must-have for my divines 😀

  2. Welcome Benton!

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