Thanks, DDO Devs!

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Feb 252016

Hey everyone! It’s been ages since I’ve posted here, mostly since it’s been ages since I’ve played DDO. I do have some stories to share, but that will have to wait.

For now — I just want to thank the DDO Devs!

I was working on getting my builds up to date, since it’s been about six months since I last played DDO. I was updating my cleric to a melee sword-and-board build and decided to reincarnate him into a sword-fighting Follower of the Sovereign Host. Of course, having taken such a long break, I got confused and ended up taking Silver Flame (I thought the badass inquisitor guys would use swords! Sue me!)

Since my cleric was pretty high level, I was forced to take Silver Flame Exorcist, too, as I leveled up. And when I equipped my longsword, I suddenly realized my mistake! I ran over to Fred and tried to trade my feat, but with Silver Flame Exorcism, I couldn’t do it — I need to get rid of any feats that use the feat I want to trade as a prereq, but I can’t trade the Exorcism feat until I have a different Follower feat to act as a prereq. A catch 22!

So I filed a ticket and asked the devs for help, not really expecting much.

Within a day or so, I received 15 astral shards and instructions on how to seek out Fred. I filed another ticket, explaining why that fix didn’t work — and I got a lesser heart of wood within the hour.

I don’t remember the devs being this responsive, but I’ve never had much call to ask them for help. So let me just say — THANKS, DEVS!

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  1. 🙂 hi. I’m glad you got this sorted, but it’s really customer support you should be thanking, not the devs. Two different groups of people…

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