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Nov 222012

Wow now THAT is a turkey
This guy is thankful for his iconic good looks; he is trying for “too pretty to eat”

In the US, we celebrate an annual holiday called “Thanksgiving”. On this day we are traditionally supposed to think about the good things we have and be thankful for them. Instead we generally gather in large groups, watch football (U.S. “gridiron” football of course) and eat ourselves into the next pants size.

It is a secular holiday, which is surprising at first glance as most of the loudest thankfulness often comes in the form of thanks to divinity, and most of the things we are thankful to have are not material but are instead familial and spiritual.

There may be a special Thanksgiving for mansion-living Ferrari drivers who celebrate their material advantage, but for most of us, the heart of Thanksgiving is a simple joining of hands around the family table where we each say what makes us the most thankful, and learn that it is mostly each other.

In this spirit, a list of those things for which I am most thankful, in no particular order of course.

Both of my parents are able to see and enjoy their grandchild’s wedding

I discovered a game so rich and interesting that I am still writing about it, six years later

My late wife and I were able to raise three awesome adults. Parenting was the hardest thing I can ever imagine doing, but so worthwhile as I see what they are today. We did good

The Denver Broncos are 7-3 and look like they have a chance to go deep into the playoffs this year and maybe – just maybe – even win it all

I have this strange yet awesome cat. I am a dog person, I’ve had cats in my house but they were never “my” cat. This one is “mine”. It turns out that being a cat’s main person is pretty cool

Abundant Step and Overwhelming Fury

All of the dogs I have been lucky enough to have over the years. No one loves you the way your dog loves you. Thank you Duchess, Maggie, Littlefoot, Roxy and Shaggydog, you were all Very Good Dogs.

The people who read my blog. All of you. It completely makes the time and effort worthwhile. Even those of you who provide the thoughtfully literate “you suck” comments: you had to read it to know you hated it 🙂

My kids. My brother and sister. My nieces and nephew. My cousins.

The lovely lady sitting next to me at her desk as I write this, occasionally reaching over to offer a warm touch, while she pillages the Druid’s Deep series and waits for me to finish so I can join her in-game

I am a lucky, lucky man. There are people I care about, and people that care about me. I am healthy. I have the greatest girlfriend one could imagine. I get to spend a lot of my time being happy.

So much to appreciate.

Thank you all.

Thank you.

🙂 😀 🙂

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  1. I am thankful for my Guild, and all the friends I have made through it!

  2. You suck. Just kidding. But I figured since you put it in your blog, someone was bound to say it, so it might as well be me (hehehe).

    Have a happy Thanksgiving!

  3. Can I give this article 10 stars? That’s a great list!

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