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Of course, Im just here to remind everyone that I am a most awesome person. Im SO awesome, that today I managed to take over 900 points of damage at once! Of course, I died. Somehow my Arti doggy, Clankers, lived. Also, Comic lived. Why? Because… Stuff. Thats why.

Moving on!

I havent written a ‘What Ive been doing’ blog for a while, so I thought Id try my hand at it.

To start, I did stuff. Stuff died. Sometimes, I died. Other times, Comic died. Once, we both died. But mostly, stuff and Comic died.

Well, to start, me and Comic finished up the desert quests and are now all set and stuff for the raid, if we ever run it. Making it the gazillionth raid that we’re all flagged for. I like the desert quests. I find them to be a highly entertaining group of quests. I mostly like the adventure area though. It really makes me feel like Im running around in an egyption version of Tatooine. On our way to the big volcano quest, we encountered a force field that impeded our progress up towards the mountain. At first, I thought Comic was just waiting around for me to catch up, turns out he wasnt able to continue moving forward. Neither was I it turned out. Now, Ive been watching alot of Star Trek lately so I couldnt help but chime in with ‘Captain! It appears theres a force field blocking our path!’. When we entered the quest, there came a point where Comic had us run around in circles for around 10(maybe 15) minutes. I officially believe that I can never run the quest by myself without getting lost now! 😉

More recently, we started the Lordsmarch Plaza quests and have only one left to go. Theyve all been fairly easy, and not just because were level 15 & 16. Theyre just very easy quests in general. Well, easy until a pair of Kobolds killed Comic in the ships go kablooey quest. The first time I felt like it was my fault because I was somewhere else when he went into the area with the Kobolds. But when he died the second time, I kinda realized that even with me there I didnt have the DPS needed to kill the red named Kobold quick enough to save him, or myself, from taking an obscene amount of damage. Today we did the Undermine quest. When we got to the minefield part, I started disarming mines, cause thats what I do. Comic started taking the “High road” but kept falling on the mines because he “missed his jump”. Really though, I know its more like his old man knees got the best of him. We all know old people cant jump. After what felt like forever, I asked Comic to wiki the quest to see how many Id have to disarm in order for us to get the XP from disabling them. Turns out it was 270. I was around 110. I said ‘To hell with that!’ and took the jumpy road. If someone wants to be dedicated enough to disable ALL those damned mines, all the power to them. I just dont feel its worth a measly 10% XP.

After that, my brother yelled at me that it was time for us to go do stuff so I bid the mr. Comic farewell. With that, my temporary hiatus from DDO begins. Hes gonna be busy tomorrow and the Yule festival on LotRO begins on the 18th so Im gonna be busy there.

Aside from DDO, of course Ive been playing LotRO some. As I mentioned before, I started a Champion. Had fun with her until I learned that Turbine made one of the class deeds unfinishable unless you use a two handed weapon. The reason this is a problem is because its not noted ANYWHERE thats the only way to do it and because up to that point, Id been using the skill needed to trigger & complete it(without it triggering, naturally) but with the “wrong” weapons. When Im on a Champion, I like using two one handed swords. Theres no reason they couldnt have made it trigger for using any melee weapon. Making it two handed weapons only makes it feel like theyre saying ‘play this class with these weapons only’ now and it sucks. So, I deleted my Champion and went back to playing my main, Natalysa, whos a Human Guardian and the character Im going to be using during Yule.

Of course, Ive mostly been playing SWtoR. SWtoR is my itch. I just gotta scratch it. Even when Im on DDO with Comic, I cant help but think about my characters on SWtoR and what I want to do with them or what I just want to do in general on the game. I also figured out that for christmas I want the ‘Rise of the Hutt Cartel’ expansion + point cards so I can get stuff that actually matters. For starters, I gotta get Section X. Doing so will open up a questline that will allow me to get an HK-51 for my characters. After that, I want to get Treek, an Ewok companion, for my characters as well. Finally, I want to be able to unlock the Mirrialin race and the Bastila Shan armor set.

All that aside, Ive been playing mostly on my Vanguard. Set him up to be a tank and holy damn! With Elara, healer companion, I feel simply invincible! Quests that gave me a hard time on other classes felt like a breeze on him! Hes died a couple of times but that was mostly due to my not paying attention to things. Ive gotten him all the way up to the ‘Bonus Series’ of quests on Tatooine. But right now hes going to sit for a bit.

The reason! For those of you who are so awesome that you follow me and my rambunciousness on Twitter may be aware of, Ive been reading the Darth Bane books. Im currently on the starting chapters of the third one. Reading the books really really made me want to play as a character on SWtoR who used a double bladed lightsaber. I could have created a Jedi Shadow, but I really wanted to play a Sith Assassin, this due to my liking of the character ‘Zannah’. So I made a Inquisitor and made them an Assassin when I hit level 11. Going to go for a DPS build.


Meet Meghaja, Sith Assassin!

Its kinda funny, I started thinking about DDO loots this morning and it wasnt until this afternoon that Id noticed that the goodly Mr Geoff Hanna had written a pair of blogs regarding his thoughts on loots!

My thoughts were more of a comparing this to that kinda thing. My problem with stats on equipment on DDO is that I never have any idea of whats good and whats rubbish. I currently have two +1 repeaters due to the fact that I dont know what to replace them with. Armor is alot easier, weapons, not so much. On other games, theres only a few things that ever touch equipment. It makes life much easier because you always know whats best for you. For example, my Vanguard on SWtoR, the only stats that he needs on equipment are Defense Rating>Endurance>Aim. DDO is definetly not that simple. I really wish it were somedays though! So, on that note, if any of my Cannith buddies/guildies are an awesome crafter, I demand that one of you make me a good all pourpose Heavy Repeater for my lvl 16 Artificer! Yes, I demand! I am EMPRESS!!! Also, if you do, if youd like I can try to refund you any shards you spend in such a venture. I deconstruct pretty much all loots so I have a decent number of shards!

Also of note, today while me and Comic were in Undermine, Blue(yes Bluesilence!) randomly sent me a tell saying hello! It was nice hearing from the little fella. I saw he wasnt guilded and offered him a spot in our lil Destiny guild and he accepted. That was very wise. Its unwise to say no to an Empress. As Comic also noted, I decided to name my Winter Wolf pup ‘Ghost’. Yes. Ghost, as in named after Jon Snows direwolf in the Song of Ice and Fire series. It was a fitting name and I really couldnt think of anything else that would have fit, so I just took that name.

Another side note, I finished writing up the first edit of the third chapter of ‘Journey of an Elven Barbarian’ some time back and now Im just waiting on my sister to find the time to do the initial editing on it.

Anyways, thats all for this not so little blog. Sorry if it was too long for you to read. Well, not really. I had alot to say apparently! ;D

Hope everyone has a great week!


PS: Hey Grim, guess what? ITS ALMOST CHRISTMAS!!!

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  1. Very nice update. I would be further ahead in ToR, but I keep getting Altisis. I just finished running my commando through Coruscant, and have a Juggernaut that’s just started Dromund Kas. Also, I am having far too much fun with crafting on that game, and enjoying having an actual crafting system.

  2. I’m fairly sure I read on the forums that someone had actually run the Undermine mission & disabled all the traps…. We tend to either a) blow a route using the mines b) jump across (your high road option) c) send someone with high evasion & reflex through to trigger the mines 😀 (option c is the most fun!)

    Oh – and

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