Apr 122013

Entrance to the new Test Dojo
This harmless-seeming door in the Marketplace leads to something entirely new

I’m not a big Lamannia test server player. I’ll go there sometimes, mainly when some system or other is undergoing a change, but I never preview content.

I know there are people who spend a ton of time on Lamannia. But they fall into three classes:

  • Those who are trying to beat the new content faster than anyone else
  • Those who like testing things in advance
  • Those who are not primarily motivated by character growth and advancement

I suspect there is a fourth class of Lamannia denizen:

  • Those who seek exploits that they can maximize on live servers before they are found out

That last group is just speculation, although I would classify it as particularly well-grounded speculation. I have never met anyone doing this, but then I wouldn’t, would I?

But I digress. The point is that I am not in any of these groups. I don’t like testing, I don’t like that I am putting game time into non-XP earning activity, and I never preview the new content.

Hold Me Closer Tiny Vendor The Tiny Guild augment vendor.
DDOCast 276 listeners may want to note
how tiny she is, standing there next to
first-life halfling Coin?

Plus, in the past it has not even really been about testing. It has been about “preview”. Most of the issues uncovered on Lamannia are not corrected before going live. How frustrating that must be, to find a major bug, pinpoint it, document how to reproduce and/or correct it, publish the information, and then have that issue be entirely ignored, maybe added to the product backlog for eventual correction, maybe not even that.

Self defeating.

Worst of all, it was usually not even possible to test most things. Changes to a class could not be tested unless you played the class all the way from 1st-level to cap, something not really possible during a Lamannia preview without heroic effort. Multiclass combinations, trying things with this enhancement and then again with that enhancement; all things that someone trying to really test a new feature would need to do, but all things that could not be effectively done on Lamannia.

Until now.

Introducing the new Lamannia Test Dojo. Everything you need to test everything about the game, all in one place. It is visually staggering. But I’ll let SqueakofDoom explain it, since I suspect it is his idea:

This is a Grand Experiment! I sincerely believe that this will be a beneficial addition to Lamannia: it will allow you to easily gear (at least suitably) and level your characters. The Kobold room also provides a handy area to test out abilities! However, if Lamannia comes crashing down because of this, we will have to close the Test Dojo and return to the old ways.

Once inside, the reality sinks in. Everything is in here, everything! All the trainers, XP-grantors, stacks of 100k plat just laying there, and best of all, one room contains what seems to be all (or at least most) of the named items in the game, even raid loot, just laying there to pick up and try out.

Scrooge McDuck's vault has nothing on this room

One can level up to cap in minutes. One can run raids. One can try out anything. Here is the Test Dojo feature list:

  • Teleporter to the Market
  • Stacks of Platinum that respawn
  • Khyber and Siberys Dragonshard Fragments
  • The Test Quiver (“A very large test quiver.”)
  • Meepo: a vendor with the NEW Augments
  • Fred
  • Helper McTestsalot (He helps you access certain raids. He doesn’t always work.)
  • Lord Poincelot (Your friendly Turbine Point giver)
  • Large, Medium, Small, and Tiny Guild Crystal Vendors
  • Soul Gem Vendor
  • Potion Peddler
  • Hireling Vendors
  • Scroll Vendor
  • Clothing Brokers
  • Weapon Brokers
  • Banker
  • Auctioneer
  • Mail
  • Jewelry Brokers
  • Armor Brokers
  • Trainers for each Class
  • Kruz: Reincarnation Trainer
  • Fatespinner
  • Daily Challenge Tokens
  • The Guide: Experience NPC
  • Eldritch Altars (They are very tiny and are in the corners of the room)
  • Draconic Runes
  • A Room filled with loot (There is a lever on the wall that you have to activate for the Loot to spawn.)
  • A Room with Test Kobolds (Low CR Kobolds with 10,000 HP)
  • Another room filled with cabinets with loot
  • A room with entrances to The Titan Awakes, Zawabi’s Revenge, and Plane of Night

Coin stumbled across a giant red Gelatinous Cube, apparently there for testing purposes as well. It jiggled menacingly but was quickly dispatched.

Jiggling most menacingly
Jiggly Menacing

SqueakofDoom’s warning about possible effects on the server seems a bit scary, and one can already see signs and portents: for instance, abandoned named loot is beginning to pile up near exits. I suspect the Test Dojo will need regular resets.

But nonetheless, it is glorious. Everyone should get in there, at least once, even if all you do is run around the Named Loot room; I felt like Scrooge McDuck swimming in his coin vault.

Everything in the game, all in one place.


🙂 😀 🙂

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  1. The Test Dojo has been around for quite a while, although not on either Lamannia or the Live servers (of course!) 🙂 IIRC, it began as an in-house testing tool, and then was made available to our private preview server, and is now on Lamannia as well due to its usefulness.

  2. Cool. I wish I could go there (I’m having trouble with Pando Media Booster and can’t use Steam, so no Lamaland for me). Thanks for showing us lacking a Lamaland passaport those nice pics!

  3. Wow, nice! I might take a test run sometime 🙂

  4. Nice pics. 🙂 Couple things: Poincealot seems to come and go. Don’t know if that’s a bug or what, but he was gone when I needed him. Next is Tomes. Tomes are a pretty basic, pretty crucial, and noticeably missing piece of kit. What’s the point of LR/GR/TR without fast access to tomes? Word is they do get dumped on the AH on occasion, but I haven’t had the good fortune to find any. It put a serious dent into a particular test I was hoping to perform too. Lastly, you think Tiny Augment girls is small? Go out and find Nat Gan!!! We await your screenie.

  5. the Room of Stuffs (as I call it) doesn’t seem to have U13+ items. But some of the stuff it does have… I’m seeing things and immediately going to DDOWiki to find out where to get it on live. Also useful in answering questions such as “Did this weapon get an upgrade in U17?” (Some answers: Mace of Smiting, yes. Sun Blade, no. Muck’s Doom, yes. Dwarven Thrower, no. Although if the latter ever gets upgraded, I want it renamed “Dorfen Tosser.”)

    The door itself seems to come and go, nevermind NPCs within it. Guess the planes are constantly in flux…

    I’m pretty sure I saw the Test Dojo being at least talked about last time I was on Lamaland, though no idea when *that* was.

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