Mar 192011

(1) The fastest-filling ToD groups are always the ones you want to join but can’t

(2) I should probably be outside landscaping … but … that’s what “later” is for

(3) The River Tam build looks as great as I had hoped. Starter Rags + dual Min II Dwarven Waraxes make for a unique and awesome look. Never fails to get comments. Some of them are even positive 🙂

(4) The surest way to insure a ToD group will need 30 minutes to fill, is to join it

(5) I run with Chinese PUGs a lot. I always wonder what they are saying. The paranoid part of me worries that it is about me. Meanwhile, my ego worries that it is not

(6) Lots of people in Crystal Cove still. That was so much fun. I wish I still needed something from Euphonia’s Barter Box

(7) Even with the cosmetic kits, I still think the Red Dragon armors are really as good-looking as it gets. If only they came in an outfit

(8) Now that I am committed to a ToD wait, all of the Epics I need are up for PUG too! Naturally

(9) There is so much news about Update 9 now! I am trying to read everything but so many things are changing it is hard for me to thoroughly process. I may have to wait for the Lamannia release to figure out how I feel about it

(10) I can just feel the guild renown slowly draining away while I stand here. Too bad we can’t loot the battlefield while we are waiting 🙂

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  1. #2 is sooooo true.=D

  2. Not so sure about #2. It’s snowing here right now.

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