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Temple of Endless Enormity

Lance Mouther here with Eyewitness News. Today’s big story: Turbine releases the Temple of Elemental Evil. Our reporter is live onsite.

“Yes, Lance, I am here at the scene of the Temple of Elemental Evil. And boy do I have to tell you, it is huge!”

How about the people playing the new quest? Do they have any comments?

“Lance, the Temple is massive. Really, quite large. It just goes on and on.”

I see. Were they any survivors?

“Lance, the scale of this Temple, it’s hard to describe. So big! I think we can safely say that the Temple is quite stupendously enormous. Titanic, even.

“Also, it is a quest of unusual size.”

Tiny adventurers amidst huge adventureThere were too many of us to run the new content as a single group, so we split into two and attacked the Temple in a sort of tag team. Hours later, no one had finished. One group managed to reach the end fight, but only for the first part, and even then much of the map remained unexplored.

This is the biggest dungeon in DDO. By far.

A couple of hours in it became clear that we were not going to finish it in one night, probably not any part of it. “I guess this is a weekend quest”, commented one Commando. Or maybe we’ll have to make multiple runs at it, learning one segment of the dungeon in detail one night so we can speed through it the next night and learn another segment.

Which is exactly how we would have had to play it were it a tabletop adventure. Classic D&D indeed.

But is it too big?


An interesting point. But one with which I disagree. This one quest seems to be too big for a single, short, gaming session. But there are dozens of quests in DDO, maybe hundreds, and most of the rest are quite easily completed in a single session. Why do they all have to be the same?

I really can’t tell you very much about ToEE yet because I have experienced so little of it. But I am loving the fact that we did NOT knock it out last night. This new content is going to have to last us three months. I want it to be a challenge. I want it to take awhile. I want it to stay new for as long as possible.

Classic D&D in unexpected ways.


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  1. Duo’d part 1 on eH last night and it took 2, maybe 2 1/2 hours. I don’t think we rushed, or skimped on the majority of the areas. Maybe because it was just the two of us, and sat in the same room while gaming, we didn’t have to worry about major discussions on which way to go.

    But I can’t see it being long before people have got that down to a *much* shorter run time.

    But – I really enjoyed it! Variety in the options for each key to be obtained, a great size area to explore, a good rate of red names with chests and a good end fight. And I thought Wil Wheaton did great as DM.

    And why are people complaining about shrines? I’m sure we found 4 of them in there….

    • People will complain if there are too many shrines, if there are too few shrines, if there aren’t any shrines, if there are any shrines… I’m not sure if this is a meta-comment on shrines or complaining or pretzels, any more. Hmm.

  2. It’s a great quest but yeah, huge, sprawling & i think that could end up hurting it as even doing a fast critical-path-only run could still take a long time…some of the specific encounters were pretty tough, but having found the alternative method for one encounter means i think i’m going to have to see if there are alternatives for any of the others too. Being practically guaranteed to get some kind of upgradeable base weapon is nice & yes, people are knocking them for being uninteresting.. but easy to pick up from the AH 5W weapons that are unbound (at least initially) is going to be very nice for newbies.

  3. I am SO ready to get my ki-empowered self-sustaining ninja on inside there. I loved “Haunted Halls” and the Storm Horns because you could explore for quite a bit as well with some stealthy care. I do appreciate Micki’s thoughts, however, in that perhaps it would be great to have a transport element that acts as a save point where you can pick up where you leave off given the size of the thing. But I’ll have a better feel of that idea once I’m inside.

  4. The size is daunting no doubt. This quest is cut from a different cloth, it’s very much like PnP – a full, well-rounded party will find something for everyone and it constitutes an evening’s gaming.

  5. I’m glad that there is content that is long and complex, to give players an immersive, authentic D&D feel to game play. Of course, no matter what Turbine does, there will be players that say the quest is too long, not enough shrines, too hard, etc. We need content in the game that remains challenging and requires group play over the long run.

  6. Looking forward to getting a change to play this new content, for some reason some weeks don’t allow as much DDO play as others … either way, I’m hearing (and reading) great things about the new DDO offering πŸ™‚

    +1 Turbine

  7. The one thing I wish they had done was move the quest level up some. I realize they probably did it to coincide with the pnp original quest levels, but in reality there are so many great and high xp lvl 7 quests that it makes this one a long drawn out drain unless you’re grinding for mushrooms.

    Gwylands stand, the pit, tear of dhakaan, the last tangleroots, the entire sentinels chain, two sorrowdusk isle, a delaras or two, graverobber, and two 3bc quests which should finish off your saga out there as well, all make level 7 easily completed and even levl 8 capped. Add in the lvl 8 quests of von 1,2 spies in the house, some threnal, etc and in reality you’re in the easiest range of xp that there is.

    Move on to lvl 12 / 13… wiz king is the only solid xp quest in lvl 12. Others are quickly run, but not very good for xp (lordsmarch 1 series, invaders, relic of sovereign past, etc.) And Lvl 13 quests are similar with the gianhold quests not offering a huge amount of xp, although its enough to get through.

    It would have been nice to see another quest chain up in the 12/13 range and it seems to play more on this level anyway…

    Just my 2 cents.

  8. Everyone I asked said that this quest is too long to get through. Funny part was when me and my two guildies managed to run it in 25 minutes when we went there for the first time. Although the we started to flowersniff around the temple and have now encountered at least 15 different rares. IMO this is the best quest in DDO by far.

  9. I’ve no problem with the size of the thing, but the initial area up to the Earth Temple has a shocking lack of interaction. Another non-descript room with barrels/forges/tables? Em …. awesome? Even some DM narration could have helped put some context or meaning into the rooms, but that was sorely lacking. Think for a moment of yourself DM’ing this classic module. Would you really have subjected your party to so many hours of silence?

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