Dec 172015


The 1st Doctor Knew Evil, and now so do all of us!!!

Geoff and others have commented on the temple before, long slog, mob after mobs, random traps and low drop rates.

But I said meh….I need a decent crossbow for my build and don’t want to wait for Green Steel so how bad can it really be?? I mean really how bad??  Well it is bad, as bad as that actors headpiece!!

200 mushrooms NO PROBLEM…..wait a minute 200???  And how many drop in a chest???  How many runs does that take???

Ok, eyeballs are burning, map is memorized, 200 mushrooms check……number of rare drops 3 (1 collar useless to me so give to Playddoh on Khyber now his pouch looks awesome!, 1 Cranium cracker….and traded 1 Scimitar pass that to the druid….no great crossbow…..I dont seem to have any leverage over this quest!!

Do a run with a few other people and to add insult to injury see one drop, not just anyone but a mythic one with a mythic shroom!!  My mechanic = score 0 to Temple 1 Million!!!

Oh forget it, and on to part two…..yellows shrooms drop like rain….wait a minute I need 50 of a specific node….a node that to enter the first time is random!!!

More eyeballs burning, more days slogging, maxing out monster manual section after section, chests ransacked not even vendor trash…..and finally….a repeater that is worthy….not great or awesome but at least worthy….2 levels of xp blown by and one weapon now with 2 levels less of useful life…..

And so the evil continues to haunt another poor soul…..the time machine keeps turning….the next Doctor is up and it is all new but vaguely familiar again…..what was his name… can I forgot….must have talked to him 75 times….started with an O……yes I remember now Ottis and I bid you good day Sir!

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  1. That’s why you do your heroic shroom farming on a 28 😛

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