Aug 262013


Trainers for every class are gathered outside of the entrance to the airship portal in House Deneith. While playing my ranger Eiara, I noticed a large device next to the ranger trainer Iaxx’nol Varrax. It had a yellow-colored ranged target on it, the type that you see on ranged levers in such quests as Bargain of Blood and Vault of Night. On a whim, I pointed my bow at it and shot an arrow, and I was pleasantly surprised to see that it moved and a different target popped up.

None of the other equipment near the trainers is interactive. You cannot beat up the training dummies, take damage from the campfire, launch the ballista, or PvP in the pit (I’ve tried all four). Usually scenery is just scenery, so it’s fun when somebody takes the extra time to make an easter egg out of something. Maybe it’s just that I’m easily amused. At any rate, I still want the bowling game in the Orchard to be playable too. =)


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  1. I’ve known about it for years, and yeah, it’s fun!

  2. They added it when they did the Sentinals pack. I have sent a few people there who have complained about not being able to range-target levers. I don’t know if they used it, but its good practice if you dont know how.

  3. I must say I’m surprised no one is offering to tell you about the real Easter Egg you’re supposed to race for After you hit the target. Hint: don’t use feather fall.

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