Mar 032014

Mawry Haversack, Completionist

There is a story. Of course there is, more than one in fact, and I will be back with them throughout the week. But for now I think this image will suffice.

Mawry Haversack, the original Halfling Commando, and now finally, Completionist.

πŸ™‚ πŸ˜€ πŸ™‚

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  1. Congrats!

  2. Hey man congrats!

  3. Congratulations, after all those years, finally there!

  4. Congratulations! So what are the next plans for Mawry?

  5. Most excellent Sir! Looking forward to the wrap-up reminisce. πŸ™‚

  6. Now the tweet makes sense!! Congratulations πŸ˜€

  7. Congratulations!

  8. πŸ™‚ Gratz

  9. Bending over in her skivvies since 2006.

  10. Congratulations!

  11. Yay Geoff!

  12. Well played, congratulations!!

  13. Nice work Geoff, congrats Mawry πŸ™‚

  14. Woot! Huzzah!! Many Kudos to you sir!!!

  15. That’s awesome Geoff. Congrats.

    Please let us know what is in store next for Mawry.

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