May 192014


It is said that a man walked the fields of death and took from each construct fallen there, a token, a thread. Some, who would have you believe that they know more than others would have them reveal, whisper; It was not one man. It was many men and women as well. They did not take from only the fallen but also from those that lay upon the precipice.
The image above has been painstakingly reconstructed by our own in-house experts. It comes from dozens of cryptic messages and research papers recovered over the years by Luedwig Bait H’oven. Rhymes with oven! Deep within the strata of this piece of “Art”, this Forged-macabre, can be documented the partial remains of over forty-two thousand individual Warforged.

….page torn from a research note book. Discovered unstained, in the pocket of a decomposing hob-goblin corpse which had been recovered from beneath the Leaky Dinghy.