Feb 022016

Sixty Seconds of Zen
I stumbled across this while jumping about a guild airship, because I have a short attention span and spend a lot of time jumping about while others sell/repair/bio/whatever. I am that guy. The jumping guy. Nevertheless, in this case I am rewarded for my ADHD behavior, in the form of an unexpectedly glorious vista!

However it is not the kind of vista that can be captured in a screenshot: it requires motion. Video. I tried a GIF, but the colors wash out in the process of converting the frames to GIF format. Nothing for it but actual video. And since I am going that route, might as well get a full minute’s worth.

And so. Sixty seconds of glorious vista. Brought to you by the fine folks of the Torchwood guild, sister guild to the Halfling Commandos, and providers of an awesome place to park our non-halfling characters.
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Feb 182015

Abundant Step is one of the coolest features in DDO. There’s something about the ability to zoom ahead, to go from here to there in an instant, to reach otherwise unattainable locations that is super fun. So much fun that I’ve written about it. Twice. That much fun.

And then along came Favored Souls and their ability to Leap of Faith. Same thing, really, even though Leap of Faith involves wings and Feather Fall. Still really the same. Still fun. Still worth writing about.

Then came Cannith Boots of Propulsion (or as we call them, “shooty boots”), giving Abundant Step to the masses. Only once every ten minutes, not enough to incorporate in your melee style, but still, Abundant Step for everyone.

And then the floodgates opened. Epic Destinies, Iconic Classes, new Enhancement trees. Everything that Turbine touched was given Abundant Step-like abilities. So many it’s hard to keep up. But I did.

Here’s a video showing all of the different types of Abundant Step in action:
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May 272014

Update 22: Swashbucklers and Single-Weapon Fighting
I had to get Rancyd a new hat so he’d look extra Swashbucklery

Are you curious too? I’ve been wondering what happens when you have a level 17 pure Bard who reconfigures himself for Single Weapon Fighting and the Swashbuckler enhancement tree. And now I know.

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May 012014

It’s been a busy couple of weeks here at DDOGamer, so busy that we’ve left some work unfinished.

Not that I go through life with some sort of anal insistence that I close off everything that I open, I do not, I am a much better starter than I am a finisher. But still, stuff needs tying up and here is a fine chance to do the tying.

In no particular order:

On My Favorite Monsters: Troglodyte

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Dec 092013

Just Married
Just Married

We’re back, re-acclimating to real life by burying ourselves in our favorite fantasy game.

It’s tough too, three weeks of travel and adventure are enough to make one forget that things cost money and that earning money isn’t fun (which is why they have to pay you to do it in the first place).

Today, my Gamer Girl and I officially retake the reins of our lives, now joined together, and face up to things like the fact that I am due at work, and all of those groceries ain’t gonna shop themselves.

But I don’t mind. It may be real life, painfully real, but it is still filled with family and friends and games and DDO and Denver Broncos and a weird but special cat and many other facets that make life worth living.

I have too many memories and artifacts to share but I cannot resist posting my favorite video from our trip. So I will stop resisting:

A reluctant star escapes paparazzi pursuer with extreme sideways action

Although we returned early Thursday, it was Saturday before we’d decompressed enough to turn on DDO. It felt like an old friend. We didn’t play as hardcore as we often do on the weekend, but enough to put a new level on my completionist and to return my OMG Artificer to level 20. We’ll see if she is still OMG in the epic levels.

I was immediately confronted with two things, one bad, one good, but I’ll go into detail on them both later in the week.

Not today though, today I have to focus on whipping my lazy backside into working shape and go earn some money.

Plus, I am married now, and I like that, a lot. On with the happily ever after!

🙂 😀 🙂

p.s. Thank you, everyone, for the kind wishes and nice words! Even on the forums! We both appreciated it very much!