Apr 202016

Recently, I’ve been looking at the art of the multiclass, and trying to come up with combinations of different enhancement lines. This character is the result of trying to create something to combat undead, especially using the Assassin’s Trick to gain sneak attack bonuses, as well as throwing in some two-weapon fighting.

The build is designed for humans (though I imagine other races could fit with a couple of small changes). I did also design this intending for a free-to-play character, so a 28 point build at a minimum. The ability scores turn out to be 13/15/10/10/14/12 as a first level paladin. Feats: Power Attack, Bonus: Precision, and class: Follower of the Sovereign Host. Skills: Max ranks in Heal, Concentration, and Intimidate. Enhancements at first level: Slayer of Evil I, Extra Smite (2 ranks), and Extra Turning (1 rank).

Level 2. Class: Ranger. Skills: Heal +1, Concentration +1, Spot +5. Class Feat: Favored Enemy (Undead). Enhancements: Shield of Whirling Steel, Item Defense (3 ranks).

Level 3. Class: Ranger. Skills: Heal +1, Concentration +1, Listen +5. Feats: Oversized Two-Weapon Fighting. Enhancements: Improved Defense (3 ranks), Improved Parry (1 rank).
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