update 9

Apr 282011

It’s last night, I’m home from work, Update 9 is live, updating is complete, excitement is building, at last! Time to log in!

So I can click a bunch of things for several hours.

Now this is not entirely the fault of the new (kind-a grind-y) crafting system. No one forced me to buy every single armor/jewelry/clothing/weapon with a prefix or suffix on the auction house with a buyout of 2k or less and deconstruct them. No one put a gun to my head and demanded that I chew through 300-plus items and then use them to create every possible shard.

Coin operates the machine
This deconstructor is a
Coin-operated vending machine

Well, yes they did, sort of, by rewarding me with crafting XP.

Now I have single-handedly ruined the vendor trash economy on Sarlona as well as putting a really severe strain on my poor abused clicky finger.
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Apr 262011

For the last few weeks I have been unwilling to sell off my usual quest-gotten vendor fodder. All of my characters are starting to feel the pain of carrying around an extra buttload* of otherwise useless weaponry.

* Technically, it is a Metric Buttload, for those who pay attention to such things

Update 9 is coming, Wednesday! And with it comes … well really a lot of things … but also, crafting!

I wanted to spend a couple of weeks on Lamannia figuring out the new system, but real life has had me by the short hairs. “No Lammania for you!” says real life, and who am I to argue?
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Mar 282011

Finally the rumors and leaks come to an end and we get to see the big changes spelled out in descriptive detail.

But there are so many!

ChangeSpells are changing. Casters are changing. Melee is changing. Monsters are changing. Epic is changing. Weapons are changing. Stuns and trips are changing. Metamagics are changing.

Change change change change change.
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Mar 122011
DDOCast is streaming live right now. One of their segments was an interview with Fernando Paiz conducted by our very own Steiner-Davion.

It was streaming, I couldn’t pause/rewind/restart, so this is not a transcript as much as a narrative of the interview.

More on the new Crafting system: Deconstruction

  • The weapon is destroyed and you can only get one aspect of that weapon
  • Examples: +5 OR the prefix OR the suffix Or weapon type
  • Recipes also must be unlocked
  • Anyone can level up in any of the three schools
  • There is an implication that it will be difficult or maybe impossible to become expert in all three crafting schools
  • Deconstruction only applies to random generated items: named items cannot be deconstructed

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Mar 122011

Thanks to Natashaelle for providing the link to the interview.


  • Update 9 is slated for April
  • Fernando considers Shroud greensteel crafting to be “hardcore endgame”
  • German beta next week, hoping to have the full German launch with update 9*
  • Crystal Cove will be making an encore appearance
  • There were 200 different Kobold voice lines
  • A new house ward is coming later this year – a major addition to the city that adds richness to the backstory of the world of Eberron

* Changed to French and German in a later conversation with Steiner-Davion

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