update 36 preview

Jun 292017

Update 36 is locked and loaded right now on the Lamannia preview server. Meaning the release notes are out too. I don’t have time to wander on Lamannia, and I never preview new content anyway. But I had time to read the release notes … and … wow.

I mean WOW!!! With a capital WOW and several exclamation points!!!!

This is a big, big update. The biggest I can remember since way back in the day when they were called “Modules”. The biggest in years that is not an expansion pack.

That big.

And it’s not all system work either. There is plenty, in fact the Artificer seems to have gotten a complete redo, but even so it seems that most of the release is content and bug fixes.

Yes, I said content. Five quests. Five!

“Third Time’s a Charm”, “Graveyard Shift”, “Records of the Past”, “Strike Back”, and “Desire in the Dark”.

I have no idea if any of them are any good, but still, five quests! When was the last time we got five quests at once?

But I digress. See for yourself:

Let’s Do The Math: Update 36 Changes

New Quests: 5
Bug fixes: 77
System changes/additions/enhancements: 60
Typo corrections: 37

Plus “Numerous minor typos corrected” that apparently didn’t get called out individually in the release notes.

I can’t decide which is more impressive. Five new quests? Or 77 bug fixes? Some of which have been vexing us for a long, long time. 77!

In the past, I’ve not been shy about calling out updates that were too content-light, or too small, or too broken. It seems only fair to point out that this release is not like that, not at all.

This one is huuuuge.

What an encouraging sign! The pace of release is improving! There is nothing this game needs more than new content and bug fixes. And here they come, by the bushel.

Five quests! 77 bug fixes!

So exciting!


🙂 😀 🙂