update 32

Dancing With Myself

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Oct 182016

This giant mirror is my second-favorite thing about Update 32.*
For some reason, it catches me by surprise every time. I race up, expecting to have a four-way intersection, but no. The path remains linear, it is only a giant mirror.

I wonder if there is some new tech involved? We’ve had mirrors before, but never one like this, very bright, high fidelity, very very large.

Pretty reflection
Serves only one true purpose:
dancing with myself

Not that this is a bad thing, not at all. I like it when dancing breaks out.

Even if only dancing for one.

🙂 😀 🙂

*This is my favorite thing about Update 32

Oct 102016

Enslaved by the Slave Lords

It is a testament to how casual a player I’ve become that I only just now am finishing up the Slave Lords quest series.

Partly because they are long, meaty quests.
Partly because someone in our group inevitably did not have part 1 or part 2 or both.
Mainly because I am super-casual now and only play DDO two or three times a week.

But now I am done and able to comment on the series as a whole. I love it! And also, I do not love it at all. In the same gesture I provide a thumbs up! Yay! And also a thumbs down. Boo.

I am a complicated guy. Let’s look at the details:
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Sep 072016

update 32 preview
Update 32 “Against the Slave Lords” is nearly upon us – it looks like we will be getting it sometime next week. Time for a brief recap of what we can expect:

Revised Cannith Crafting


New Named Loot

I am not the endgame expert – I am currently not playing the end game at all – but I am pretty certain that the trinket in this list, “Symbol of the Slave Lords”, will be a must-have. One of the rings is pretty nice too. Other than that, we’d need someone with more expertise to chime in with a useful perspective.

One odd thing – there is a Heavy Shield, and for some reason (one assumes budget) they are re-using the art from a previous shield. Which is okay, they have to do that kind of thing. Except they appear to reusing the Demonic Slab art which is a bad choice. The Demonic Slab is the end-game tower shield, still will be even with this new update, and it will be confusing and unattractive to have every shield user running around with the same odd-looking shield. Maybe appearance has stopped mattering since the developers perfected the Mirror of Glamering?
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Aug 242016

Deconstruct all of these!Update 32 approaches – we even have a date for it now – bringing with it new content (yay!) and an all-new bright and shiny Cannith Crafting system.

Yay especially for the new content!

But there is a drawback. It seems that all of your existing Cannith-crafted shards are going to become worthless. Not convertible into essence. Not usable. Just junk, that you will have to throw away to free up bank space.

But don’t take my word for it. Here is Cordovan’s announcement:

When Cannith Crafting is updated in Update 32, old Cannith Crafting shards will no longer be compatible with crafting machines. Players can currently convert their unused shards into Essences, and should do so prior to the release of Update 32. Old Cannith Crafting shards will not be able to be converted into essences when Update 32 is released.

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Aug 152016

The very first, most preliminary version of Update 32 is available on Lamannia right now, as I write this, for preview by those players who are preview-minded.

The preview does not yet include any content, just systems work and bug fixes. Ho hum, right? No, not at all, this includes our first look at the new and improved Cannith Crafting system! Not ho hum. Hah HAH!

lamannia client

The new Lamannia game client has a Copy button

The first difference is apparent immediately – character copy has been built directly into the game client. No longer something you do from a webpage on DDO.com, the client itself has a “Copy” button built-in. Clicking Copy takes you down a path where you select which servers you want to copy From and To, something that looks to have been built with an eye toward the future, when maybe we can transfer servers ourselves.

But for now the only To choice is Lamannia, and soon I have several of my best characters there for testing. Except … testing the new Cannith crafting is not very rewarding. The machines look the same as they always have. My Crafter, Coin, now only has one school of crafting, rather than the three she had before, but even that is displayed on the same Crafting character tab as it has always been, in the same place, looking the same.
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