update 24

Feb 052015

Continuing our very late and yet fully informed review of Update 24, today we look the new content part of the update.

Yay! New content!

I was trying to devise a grading system for content, but ultimately I decided that all new content is always good. Some is better of course, and some is buggy or otherwise not perfectly implemented, but it is still always something new to do where before we had nothing.

And that is always good. So all of the new content will always gets at least a passing grade. Which defeats the whole purpose of grading.

But enough pleasantries. Let’s get detailed:

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Feb 042015

This will not seem particularly timely as Update 24 has been around a while, and is about to be supplanted by Update 25. Soon. It wouldn’t surprise me to see early versions on Lamannia this weekend. Certainly within the next couple of weeks.

But nonetheless, Update 24 was a fairly big update and generated lots of opinions. The good part about writing a blog is that I always have a place for my opinions. Today and tomorrow, these articles are that place.

Mirror of Glamering

Coin Serf wearing glamered armor and two glamered weapons

Always looking awesome, no matter what

At last, players can keep the look of gear they like and apply it no matter what they are actually wearing. I say “at last” because this is probably the single-most requested game enhancement that there has been, going all the way back to 2006.
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Nov 212014

Knicker Tam, Frenzied Berserker
I don’t think Knicker is really the intended target character type for Frenzied Berserker. She is one, has been for as long as the prestige enhancement has existed. But it’s never been the perfect fit. Knicker is an Evasion barbarian, mainly DPS, definitely a two-weapon fighter.

Frenzied Berserker seems to be aiming for the two-handed fighting crowd. Although I wonder about that too; ever since we got the new-style enhancements there have been some FB enhancements that increase your chance to do splash damage when using a two-handed weapon, while other FB enhancements give you lots of extra Cleaves. When you Cleave you do not do splash damage at all; it is kind of an odd dichotomy.

But I digress. This is not about the way that Frenzied Berserkers are today, but rather, how they will be remade for Update 24.

Let’s take a look.
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Nov 122014

the Heart of Madness
Knowing everything you know about this inn, would you still sleep there?

So now we know everything there is to know about Update 24. Pretty much. Thanks to Turbine developer Knockback’s forum post yesterday, the veil is lifted, and that which could not be known is now known.

Update 24 will contain:
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Oct 302014

Knicker the Barbarians!
See the difference? Look more closely! Look really closely!
Just kidding: they are all the same.

A field guide is an illustrated book that one uses to help identify types of wildlife. In this case, we will learn how to differentiate between the different types of wild barbarian. Thank you for your purchase! (Yes, the “Wild Barbarian Field Guide” is free, but don’t worry, it is worth every penny!). Time to start identifying!

Look, there’s one now! A barbarian in the wild! Quickly, look for the traits that we can quickly use to tell one barbarian from the next:

  • Does your subject barbarian hit really hard?
  • Does it have a lot of healing amplification?
  • Are there many hit points? Many, many hit points?
  • Does it have a smidgeon of self-healing?

If all of these traits are present in your barbarian, then it must be … ummm wait … there must be some mistake …
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