turbine points

Jul 262012

From the forums:

In honor of Gary Gygax’s birthday, and to say thanks for playing DDO, let’s give away some Turbine Points!

Reply to this thread with a “fake Gelatinous Cube fact”, and we’ll pick one random winner and award that person 1500 Turbine Points!

Note they are not looking for the best response, the winner will be chosen randomly. No skill needed, only luck. Just make up some sort of silly statement that includes the words “Gelatinous Cube” and post it in this thread.

Here’s mine:

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Dec 012010

Wow! Now thats a contest!

Sign me up!

Money money moneyAnd just to make sure, sign me up again! What the hell I can make a Hobbit if I need to for another chance at 100,000 TP!

What would I do with 100,000 TP? Hmmm…. never run out of mana again? Ever? Go 100% free-to-play and buy everything anyway?

I don’t know but it surely is exciting to think about.

Pardon me while I go download the FTP LOTRO client and create Mawry Haversack, Hobbit Commando!