the stormreach campaign

Nov 202015

Yes, we know who has won the last copy of the Stormreach Campaign. And by we I mean me.

You on the other hand, you have to watch a video to see who it might be.

Oh, I’ll probably relent and just add the winner’s name to this post sometime tomorrow, but for now, you must watch.

Because I said so.

Congratulations to the winner!


Congratulations again!

🙂 😀 🙂

Nov 132015

Win the last copy of this book!

Just a reminder that the contest to win the LAST COPY of the Stormreach Campaign ends tonight! At midnight! How exciting! A midnght deadline – just as if this were a real contest on a real website!

Nonetheless, the contest really does end tonight, and the book is totally worth winning. Totally.

So … get your entries in! As a reminder:

So simple. Such a great prize.

No excuses! Get your entries in today!

🙂 😀 🙂

Oct 262015

Apologies for the bad picture. I tried.

It came by Royal Mail. How unusual, I am not certain I have ever received anything via Royal Mail. I can’t help but imagine an elderly (but impeccably dressed) woman, postage stamper in hand, giving the parcel a parade wave as it passes by on conveyor “This one is for the colonies!” she says, as one of her coterie of snappily-dressed courtiers steps forward, mailbag in hand. “See that it gets there”, she commands.

Yes, Your Majesty.

But an even bigger treat awaited inside. “The Stormreach Campaign”, by Quijonn Dragonfist, a 300-page epic book that is half leveling plan, half fan fiction, and entirely unbelievable until seen. Seriously. You have heard about this book on the forums, and on DDOCast, and on DDO Players. But you really cannot grasp the immensity and scale of the project until you hold the book in your hands.

Imagine a coffee table book, high quality, glossy cover, perfectly cut glossy pages. Now, fill that coffee table book with (well-written) text, pictures, and experience charts, all about DDO.

Now make it 320 pages long.

It weighs … five pounds? As soon as you see it, you immediately are struck by the amount of effort that went into it. The whole thing is simply unimaginable, there are no words, you have to actually see it.

Oh. My. God.

And I have one. Because for whatever reason, Quijonn Dragonfist, A.K.A. Deadlock, chose to gift me with one, mailed to me at his expense from the U.K. And I love it. But I had to understand it. The thing is SO BIG! Why would anyone do this?

I had to know, and there is only one way to find out: ask the guy. And so I did.
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