the shroud

Mar 082017

There is a wagon, one of those rocket-wheel jobs, parked near the entrance to the Shroud in Meridia.

There is a flat space on said wagon, clearly and visibly flat. Except no, it is not. It only looks flat. In reality, it is some weird kind of parabola. It comes to a point. It has no flatness, anywhere.

It is not possible to stand on it.

Back when the Shroud was the end-game, there would be dozens of characters milling about waiting for their party to form. Some players are content to just stand there while waiting, but many are not.

Many are “twitchy”. You know the kind I mean. Jumping up and down, running in circles, shooting things with their crossbows, anything to avoid the boredom of just being still and letting time pass. This is not a bad thing, it is just the nature of people. In fact, I am often one of the twitchers too.

And that is where this wagon comes in. Trying to jump up on the wagon, and then stay there, is a perfectly twitchy way to pass the time.
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