Sep 272013

Earlier this week, I reported an anomalous incident where my sneak-thief Acrobat Evangelyne failed to successfully execute her Use Magic Device (UMD) skill on a scroll 20 times in a row, in spite of her reported 25% chance of success.

That 25% seemed off to me, although I didn’t have time to investigate. Others were curious: Samius Gurubo asked “Did you do the % maths yourself or just look at the tool tip?”

I just looked at the tool tip. But today, today I am going to do the maths. Myself.

Handily, this will also serve as a good demonstration of the ways that stacking works in DDO.

Here is Evangelyne at the beginning of this exercise, hanging out with her cat Whiskers and enjoying nature in the Vale of Twilight. Note her UMD score of 18.

Have to start somewhere
We have to start somewhere

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