Sep 292015

Dear DDOGamer: Choosing a Server

As both of you who regularly frequent this space already know, DDOGamer is ready and willing to answer your game-related or relationship questions. Especially the relationship questions. Like this one, from astute DDOGamer reader Briid:

Hey Geoff, I know it’s not specifically related to your post today, but… do you think you might do a blurb on the different servers you’ve played on? My Gamer Man and I are on Khyber, which feels a trifle like a ghost town now (we had taken a nearly-two-year hiatus), and were wondering about poking around on other servers. Can you tell us/anyone else who wonders what your opinions are? Picking a server is a total crapshoot…

Briid, while it may seem strange and unusual to you now, I can assure that it is normal to go through a period where you both want to “poke around” on other “servers”. There is even a term for it; the “seven-year itch”. Not just a movie but an actual, quantified psychological phenomena. While these yearnings may seem unwanted and even foreign, they are perfectly normal.

The key is to stop worrying about why you and your Gamer Man are experiencing this seemingly rough patch, but instead accept each other as living, breathing, biological creatures who are probably both mammals. You may want to consider therapy (preferably couples therapy but any old therapy will do in a pinch, even physical therapy), a weekly date night (dates are a healthy, low calorie snack), and lots and lots of alcohol.
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