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Feb 022016

An interesting thing happened while I was jumping for coins on the Argonnessen server the other day.

A player got on Harbor chat and casually announced that Your Part-Time Guild was recruiting on the Wayfinder server.

I thought it was an odd thing to do, yet quite bold. I engaged the person, who turned out to be one Guildmaster Kyll, and was fairly impressed by his skew on recruitment.

He said there was no pressure. He understands not many people are going to play on Wayfinder permanently when the other servers are where most people keep their main toons. He never said anything like, “Stay active.”

I like the idea that players from all servers are gathering (over 500 accounts) in his guild on this remote piece of DDO real estate.

I never really considered Wayfinder an option. I created a character there when it was a German-language server, but I never really spent time there.

The past few days I’ve spent most of my time on Wayfinder. Though the players aren’t really all that experienced (at least the ones I’ve journeyed with thus far), I see a whole lot of potential for fun.

The experience might not last. Wayfinder’s population overall will never match my beloved Khyber methinks. But I think I’ll enjoy this little corner of Wayfinder that I’ve found while it’s there.

Who knows, I might even see you there!

Nov 042009

Game population is increasing to the point that we need another new server. What an exciting day for Turbine and DDO players!




I am surprised it is for new logins only and won’t allow transfers. I imagine most existing players that were willing to migrate to a new server already did (Cannith) meaning this server will be 90% (or more) brand new players?

Regardless, awesome! Really. Just awesome.

I had to log in and get some names I’ve wanted. Two were already taken (wow some people are fast!) but I got five of the seven I wanted.

  • Miss
  • The
  • Arco
  • Ardent
  • Argath
  • Coin
  • Equinox

I’ve never gotten The or Miss on any server. I keep trying though! 🙂

Oct 162009

I have a lot of words in my head on this topic. Too many to contain; I can’t get a handle on how to write them in a way that satisfies my inner perfectionist. So I give up. I’m not going to write a treatise after all, no deep analysis, no cogent humor.

Maybe all that will come later.

Tonight, I just want to say that Free To Play has completely turned the game around. There are always LFMs up on Sarlona. Always. Busy bustling crowded public instances. Continuous chat chatter. Even my guild is busting at the seams.

A lot of the chatter is annoying (“WTS: +1 Half Plate 1000PP PST”) and there is a lot newbishness everywhere. But after months of dwindling populations and grim repetitions of the same old stuff, having a lot of anything is a plus! It makes the whole game feel alive in a way that it hasn’t in a long time.

I am so relieved, it seems the game I love is going to be around awhile 🙂

Kudos Turbine!