Apr 182013

Its been a bit of a chore to get enough money for GenCon this year. Between airfare, hotel, car rental and all the extras, the price is racking up. We’re lucky that Sig’s friends at his office are determined to get him to GenCon this year to play in the Legend of The Five Rings Tournament. Me on the other hand (since I work as a Web freelancer and now I’ve decided to run my own business instead of working for the “man”) I have to offset the cost some how. My answer is to sell gaming goods for my friends on a commission. My good friends Steven “Stan!” Brown and Jeff Grubb are joining me on this venture. Stan has even lent me his name and I run my store under StannexMart.

Most of my goods are used, but many are collector items and are still sealed in plastic wrap. I also have like-new (not used, but have shelf-wear), very fine (aka hardly used) and very good (lightly used) items. Most are games, but I’ve also comic books, toys, novels, collector magazines (Dragon, Dungeon, etc) and other geeky goodies.

Today I wanted to offer something special for my favorite DDO peeps: For today through this weekend only, If you buy ALL of  my remaining D&D Eberron 3.5 d20 books and send me a message saying YARK! Yark! I like playing with DDOcast kobolds!” when you check out your order.  I’ll include a DDO bonus items:

  • 1 Large DDO Menace of the Underdark T-Shirt
  • 1 DDO PAX Prime 2010 Side Bag
  • 1 Drow Assassin Figure
  • 1 Purple DDO Dice Bag
  • 1 Menace of the Underdark Expansion Key
  • Discount shipping. Don’t worry, I’ll resend an invoice!

DDO goodies

I’ve got about five Eberron books left, so take a look at them here!

If you’re not into Eberron or 3.5 D&D, but you want to help me get to GenCon AND want to get a good deal on some gaming books, consider taking a look at my other stuff and visiting my eBay store.

Thanks everyone!