Aug 202013

I’m posting this here today because soon Patrick will fully take over DDOcast. He is but one man doing a whole lot of work for you and the DDO community, and I believe that he will be needing your help! I’ve written about segments before and how to send them in. But I thought I’d take a moment to post this information here on

What is a Segment on DDOcast?

DDOcast - A DDO Podcast!A segment is a short audio topic (about 2 to 10 min long) on a related to the podcast itself. Topics can range from specific to general, but falling within the domain or overall topic of DDO and D&D. Here are few examples of current and past DDO segments:

  • DDO Puzzler: DDO brain teasers
  • Premium Perspective: reviews of purchasable Adventure Packs, classes, and races for the prudent premium player
  • OCD Gamer: The devilish details of DDO
  • Back to the Lab: techie talk about classes in DDO
  • Crunchy Bits: strategy builds and detailed mechanics of DDO
  • Epic Education: the how-tos on running DDO epic quests
  • Sound Concepts: Meta advice to help get you through the tough spots in DDO
  • DDO Poetry Corner: Poems and Prose in the tone of DDO
  • DDO Top 10: “top 10” DDO comedy sketch
  • Eberronian Chef: an Eberron related cooking show
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