red rocks

May 112017

Sometimes when I am thinking about things they start to coalesce into words and I know they are going to become a blog post. Except this time I was not so sure – I feel like I am just sharing my joy, because it is quite joyful, or at least it fills me with joy. Your results may vary.

But it quickly occurred to me that this might be more bragging than sharing. That was certainly not my intent, but I am unsure, you’re going to have to tell me yourself. But first you’ll need the background.

Living in The Middle of Nowhere, North Carolina, had many advantages but even more disadvantages and one of the most glaring disadvantages was the lack of ability to go to concerts. This might seem like a very minor disadvantage, how often you really go to concerts? Except in my case I love music, especially live music.
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Jan 232014

My Favorite Monsters is a showcase of some of the beautiful artwork Turbine has provided so that we have interesting things to kill.

A Purple Worm. It is a little dark, but not dumb, not at all
Dark, yes. Purple? Not so much. Dumb? Read on.

My Gamer Girl: I feel like these giant Purple Worms are unfinished.
Me: No, I don’t think so, I think they are doing exactly what they’re supposed to be doing.
My Gamer Girl: Then they’re dumb.

On further investigation, I learn that they are “dumb” because they don’t move, have so many hit points, and never yield any loot. So the worms themselves are not really dumb, but fighting them is, they are so easy to avoid she fails to understand why people don’t avoid them 100% of the time.
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