Oct 122013

The Mizza Zone

And gets her hiney handed to her in the process!

So, a few days ago, I decided I wanted to try my hand at PvP on SWtoR. Why? I dunno. cause I can. As a Preferred player I can only do 5 per week. Stupid. But, eh.

The first one was the ‘Hutball’ one. Pretty much a ‘Capture the Flag’ match. It went horribly. We lost 7-0. Mostly this was due to the fact almost all the Imperial players were level 25+.
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Jul 062013



Well folks, Ive done it again. I was sitting around doing the things I do when I spontainiously started thinking about something that had absolutly nothing to do with whatever it was that I was doing. My brain is wired weird like that. Stupid brain. But, Ive gotta say, I think it may have done something worthwhile this time! Which is weird because the gremlins that reside inside my head tend to be worthless. So, anyways, without further ado, I present to you all:

THE ARENA UPDATE! (Coming soon to DDO!)(Not really but one can hope)

Its written on the forums, its said in the game, outside the game and is just one of those things that everyone knows: PvP in DDO is so non exsistent that to call it dead would be an insult to things that are dead. Sure. There are people who do it. But really, what is it that they do more? Kill each other or whine and complain about how using this or that ability isnt fair(starting a verbal war in the general chat)?

My solution? Coming soon to Stormreach thanks to the Coin Lords: The Battle Arena!

Unlike the brawler pits, which would be made worthless by my idea, the Battle Arena would be fairly complex and offer nice rewards to people who stick with it and do well.

Entry and Fighting

To enter the arena, all youd have to do is, well, enter the ‘lobby’ or whatever it should be called.

From there you simply find a fight master who will set you up with either a fight with a specific player, player class or a fight with a random player. All fights would be against players your level. In other words a level 1 fights level 1s. 2s fight 2s. So on and so on.

Along with 1V1 fights, thered be the ability to enter team battles up to 8V8.

The players would be, very simply, put into team colors red and blue. Why red and blue? I dunno. Cause I said so. Which team color youd get would be decided randomly.

Like with questing, there would be a window for people interested in entering team battles to look for other players to fill out their roster.

With team battles, lets say its a 4V4 battle, one team has a level 3, 7, 15 & 4, the other team must have one of each of those levels as well to keep it balanced and fair.

Tiers and Battle Points

 Well, like in professional sports, there would have to be a tier system. At most(or least) five total tiers starting with Amatuer and ending with Champions.

In order to progress to the next tier, you have to earn enough Battle Points. Kinda like XP and leveling up but for the Arena. While in the tiers above Amatuer, you can gain the ability to wager your Battle Points against your opponent. If the opponent declines to wager Battle Points then none will be wagered.

How many battle points are earned would be based off the tier your competing in and how many bonus points you get should you and your opponent both wager points.

Naturally, at some point, everyone would be in the Champions tier and that would be bad. Very bad. Why? Because it would defeat the whole purpose of it being the top tier! Thats why! So, over the course of fights, when you win a match, you gain Battle Points, but when you lose a match, you lose Battle Points. The amount of points you lose would be equal to the amount of points you gained had you won the match. Naturally, if you wagered points before the match, you lose those points as well.

How many points youve earned, along with your win/loss record, would be tracked by the Fight Masters Clerk or whatever. So itd be possible to keep track of how well, or horrible, you do.


People would really hate me for this, but I really dont care.

You cant use equipment youve gained in quests & raids in the arena. Why? Because I said so. No, I dont care if you spent 3 years grinding one quest to death to get that armor or weapon. You cant use in in the bloody arena!

So, what can you use then? Well, there would be armor and weapon “vendors” within the arena who will supply you with the stuff you need.

What you can use will depend on two things. 1: What tier youre at. 2: How many battle points youve earned.

Now, when it comes down to the Battle Points earned for getting equipment, when you grab what you need you dont lose any points as the equipment will only last for as long as youre inside the arena.

Thered be weapons and armor available with many various effects to help out classes who are element specific or players who prefer certain elements/effects on their weapons or armor.

When entering the arena your armor will magicly become blue or red.

Items that come in stacks, such as potions, scrolls or regents would be available for “purchase” in stack sizes based on how many Battle Points you have. So, the more points you got, the more items you can carry into the combat zone.

Skills, Buffs & Feats Oh My!

While in the blood pit, pretty much any skill, feat and enhancement can be used. So, if youre going 1V1 with a Rogue, they can enter sneak mode and become invisible for a time. The only way you could see them was if you had a high spot or listen skill. Or whatever skills you need to spot invisible enemies.

Buffs however, would not work and would be automatically disabled. Why? Because 1: I said so. 2: Because the whole point of PvP is to fight others to your maximum natural potential. thats why. Also 3: I said so.


Naturally, youd have to earn rewards for winning fights. It only makes sense after all. As with most everything else, your rewards would be based on what tier youre in but also where you currently place within the tier. The higher your rank in your current tier, the better the reward.

Rewards would be things like plat, potions, essences, tomes, gold seal hirelings… pretty much anything. I dont see why the rewards couldnt be such. If youre in the top tier and are in the top 10 or whatever, you deserve the best the game has to offer you.


Along with the ability to fight in the pit of player death, youd get the ability to sit your characters buttocks in the stands around the pit and watch players slaughter each other down below.

Before each fight, thered be a 1 min wait period so that, if you wanted, you could place a wager up to 1k plat on the fight. Why only 1k? Well, I dont want you getting rich. Thats why!


I think it could work. My idea is very rough. Mostly because its damn early in the morning. But it could work.

It would be a one time purchace from the DDOStore for maybe… I dunno, 3000 TP? Why not that much? Turbine wont make money off it after its bought and it gives the chance to give rewards that can be bought off the Store so itd have to be a bit spendy.

So, thats my idea. Any questions you have, ask and Ill answer them in 2.0 version of this idea blog. Well, I wont ANSWER them but Ill address them as best I can. If theres NO questions, then therell be no 2.0 blog.

Sep 262012


PvP Dreams

This is the final article in the Saving PvP series. In previous articles we discussed why improved PvP would be beneficial, catalogued the current system, laid down requirements for an improved system, detailed an idea for balancing PvP, and tried to understand why some people are instantly repulsed by the idea of PvP.

Today we build a list that attempts to include every available idea for improving PvP. Some from me, some from my Gamer Girl, some from comments made during this series. It is probably impossible to introduce them all into the game, and probably undesirable even if possible; some are contradictory.

There are good ideas in here, even if only because the law of averages implies that some of them must be.

Without further ado, 30+ ideas for saving PvP:

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Sep 252012

DDOGamer Series: Saving PvP

Part One: We Need to Save PvP
Part Two: A Comprehensive Look at the Current PvP System
Part Three: How Will We Know When PvP is Fixed?
Part Four: Balance the PvP Contest, Not the Game
Part Five: Understanding PvP Hate
Part Six: PvP Dreams: 30+ Ideas For Saving PvP

Understanding PvP Hate

I remember seeing my corpse surrounded by monsters and griefers on some deep level of Hell. Most of my gear had already “fallen off” my character and been looted. I remember the frustration as I realized I would never be able to recover any of it, the rares and sets I’d meticulously acquired were gone for good, and I was going to have to re-gear my character from nothing. All because of obnoxious people who were not better players than I was, but were better cheaters, and got their jollies at the expense of other players. I remember hating this so much that I put away Diablo once and for all and never went back to any Battle.Net game again, ever.

PvP does not have to be like this.

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Sep 242012

DDOGamer Series: Saving PvP

Part One: We Need to Save PvP
Part Two: A Comprehensive Look at the Current PvP System
Part Three: How Will We Know When PvP is Fixed?
Part Four: Balance the PvP Contest, Not the Game
Part Five: Understanding PvP Hate
Part Six: PvP Dreams: 30+ Ideas For Saving PvP

Balance the Contest, Not the Game

One of the more divisive topics relating to Player-versus-Player (PvP) combat is the concept of balancing the contestants to make every possible fight “fair”.

A truly equal contest is probably an unreachable goal; even if two players face off with identical characters, one of them is likely to have a better connection or a faster GPU. Advantage: gear. Disadvantage: the concept of a perfectly balanced competition.

But that doesn’t mean that some equality isn’t a good thing. A 2nd level melee character has no chance at all against a capped Wizard. No chance. The low-level melee will be spelled to death without even touching the wizard every single time.

Evidence suggests that there is some desire for PvP balancing on the part of the DDO playerverse. There is a constant series of forum threads asked (demanding?) Turbine to “balance” the classes. While those are generally shouted down, even more level-headed attempts to provide an enjoyable PvP experience include self-balancing in the form of voluntary rules.

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