Aug 182016

pug the barrelman
No, I am not publishing a postcard today due to time away or time constraints nor any of the other reasons I sometimes publish postcards instead of real content.* No, I am publishing this postcard because I came across this and wanted to share. On purpose.

* Or rather, the stuff that passes for content here on DDOGamer.

Pugster, a.k.a. “Chris”, was a favored guildmate who has since left DDO to become focused on the real world. He was a big part of my DDO life for many years, and I still talk with him now and then via text or Facebook.


In the image, we see the aftermath of what can happen when you put Pugster in charge of buying things from the foreman. He decided to buy barrels and immediately deploy them. Many barrels. So many barrels that he is literally trapped inside the pile; he is safe, nothing can reach him, but he is useless and unable to move.


I don’t remember if we won or lost that attempt, probably we won, we generally did. I don’t remember how long it took the kobolds to disassemble the pile and free our compatriot. It must have been awhile, I had enough time to get back from wherever I was and take this screenshot.

I do remember laughter. A lot of laughter.

Good times.

🙂 😀 🙂

Dec 162014

New uses for old business
In which we revisit recent DDOGamer topics with updates and new information

Dear Pugster
A plea to a missing guildmate to come back and play his Barbarians met with success! At least limited success, it’s too early to tell for certain, but he’s back and now his barbarian has more than two thousand hit points. Go Pug!

Wings Over Meridia
A rapturous celebration of the joys inherent in the ability Leap of Faith (and similarly, Abundant Step and the Cannith Boots of Propulstion). Clever readers point out that there are now several other ways to obtain the Abundant Step feature, some for druids and rogues and others. Expect an article illustrating all of them, just as soon as I can get around to it.
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Dear Pugster

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Dec 122014

Our friend and former guild-mate Pugster hasn’t been playing DDO for about a year. Actually, more than than, time flies! He gives lots of reasons, his softball schedule, his kids, he’s a busy dude! But I think a lot of it has to do with barbarians.

Pug loves his barbarians. He had almost as many alts as I do, but at least half of his were barbarian. When we were doing the completionist thing, every life had some barbarian in it. Or played like it did. If he couldn’t find a way to barbarianize the class he’d just eat up an Otto’s Box and rush through it.

Like I say, loves the barbarian.

Pugster and Mawry take the Completionist feat for the first time
I never would have made Completionist without my friend Pug

He built great ones too, I never figured out how, he had over 1000 points before anyone but could still hit like a wrecking ball. On a halfling. Awesomely good barbarian builds.
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Mar 062014

Pugster and Mawry celebrate taking the Completionist feat for the first time

I’ve spent this week talking about how I became a Completionist, except that isn’t really fair. I didn’t. We did. We. It was a group thing, something I probably would not have finished on my own, and it is time to give out the credit where credit is due.

I wasn’t alone even way back in 2009 when this started. My friend Chris, whose nickname and general character naming prefix are both “Pug”, was there with me. It was the two of us together who decided to go ahead and put our mains into the TR cycle and attempt to win DDO.
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