Player Priorities

Oct 242013

Ok, after the train wreck that is the proposed changes to the Costs of Reincarnation, it is time to spell out what the priorities of the player base (Turbine’s Customers, and the ones who pay to keep the lights on, and hampsters spinning the wheels) are: Note: for me this is more of a list and some of them are hard to prioritize over others, so the order of some of the top ones may vary between a lot of us, but the point is that they are probably important.

1.CONTENT, CONTENT and more CONTENT —–Content being defined as quests and wilderness/explorer areas to adventure in.

2.Delivering on broken promises – finishing half completed systems and promises – Finish PrEs, Finish EDs, revisit Cannith Crafting,

3.Fix and address Bugs – there are so many that have gone unaddressed for unacceptable lengths of times. To make matters even worth, the known issues list is woefully out of date with all the bugs reported

4.CONTENT, CONTENT and More CONTENT (this is so important, that it had to be listed more than once, just to drive home the point.

5.Interesting Loot

6.a Gods honest ENDGAME

7.Open, honest Communication. If Turbine has an idea, feel free to run it by the community first, especially if you are planning on chaning the way somethings currently works on live. Send out some random surveys, which include the rationale behind the proposed possible change, what it addresses and why the current system is not working. And then present all that back ground and the results to your Reality Check community on Mournlands.

Feel free to add you own in the comments below