play testing

Feb 062017

Playtest For One


DDO the Card Game revision 2 is up and running; cards printed and received, rules refined and ready, nothing left except for actual playing.

There was even time available, something that had not happened in the last several weeks. And so I found myself checking out the claim that the game could be played solo.

It plays quite differently when you are by yourself. It is always your turn. The distinction between the Banking Phase at end of one turn is easy to conflate with the Build Phase of the next turn.

But the biggest difference is that you can play with a single Hero and build it up to crazy-high levels. You can use a single Hero in the multiplayer game too, but when you do there is a risk that your Hero will be part of a failed Quest, return tapped, and you won’t have any Heroes available to send on one or more quests.
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Nov 222016



Look what Luedwig Bait H’oven did! The beginnings of a dramatic reading of the DDOtCG rules!

ddotcgintro test

I don’t even know what to say; the sheer awesomeness has left me speechless.

Jerry Snook brought up a good point yesterday about using cheaper material to play test rather than having actual cards printed. The cheapest would be to just print the cards on sheets of paper and cut them to a usable size.

Except for me, having the cards printed provided motivation to finish, and later, made it easier for me to get people (i.e. my wife) to participate. It feels more like a real game when you have real cards.

But it is expensive, no doubt, I am $70 into printing costs already and I know I am going to have to redo all of the cards – at least one more time – just in the play test.

If anyone out there is thinking about helping with play testing, excellent, and thank you! But you will want to follow Jerry’s suggestion and cut out cards rather than ordering them from the printer. Besides, I haven’t made the Gamecrafter cards public, so you can’t currently get the printed version even if you want to.

Cutout paper or printed cards, either way, you will want to wait for Round Two when I’ve finished applying the lessons learned to-date.

Sometime next week.

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Nov 212016


Friday was a personal holiday for me. Not a work holiday, I still had to work, but when I got home I learned that my cards arrived! DDO the Card Game, in actual, shuffle-able cards rather than in spreadsheets or images. Real cards!

It is kind of surreal to see one’s work like that. Also, awesome! Very much so.

But I didn’t have all those cards printed so I could look at them and shuffle them. No, they were made for play testing.

We start by going through the rules, as we would any new game. It becomes clear pretty quickly that I am going to need to reformat them. The words are largely okay but I’ve arranged them in a way that is hard to follow. And I found myself having to look in two places to get the full set of information about one concept – a cardinal sin of rule-writing that I detest when I encounter it in other games.

So … work to do there.
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