orchard of the macabre

Sep 282015

Orchard of the Macabre
It may not look like it, but this place is loaded with endgame loot

I have 17 active characters on my main server, thirteen of which are actively played. Ten of them are or have been Epic. If this seems like a lot, it is! I could have the greatest character ever if I focused on only one. But no, I spread the love around, and instead of one truly great character I have ten moderately adequate ones.

This has made me something of an expert on equipping said characters; not because I know so much about equipment but because I have to do it so often.
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Jul 312015

Oriental Adventures: Looks Good, Loots bad

A little over a year ago, I re-worked my monk Oriental Adventures from being a Kung Fu Caster into a new build that I called Fastest Fists in the West. The point of the new build was to see just how many punches per second (PPS) I could generate.

But then came all of the swashbuckling and melee power and PRR game changes and a monk felt … old-fashioned? Bards could suddenly hit so fast that the whole point of the original experiment seemed a bit whimsical. Or should I say, even more whimsical than it had been already.

And so Oriental faded from my top three character list. Still getting played, but not all that often, certainly not enough to level through the Heroics and back into Epics.
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Apr 172013

The DDO Compendium is going away, and like much of the other DDO-related web presence, will not be replaced. I am rewriting and transferring some of the references that I created from the Compendium to this site while I can. These articles refer to older quests, but I still use the information, sporadically, while re-leveling my TR characters.

Orchard of the Macabre

  • Level 14
  • XP per encounter: 850
  • XP for completing all encounters: 6375
  • You must be in the level range 10 to 19 to get full experience for this quest.

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