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Ebony and Ivory

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Feb 082017

The new Figurine of Wondrous Power, the Alabaster Lioness, is out and if you are a VIP you have one automatically. Just log in and it will appear in your inventory.

It is in all ways the same as the Figurine of Wondrous Power Onyx Panther, except it is white. And has orangey/reddish eyes. Otherwise, identical.

There are some people who are annoyed by this, because the Onyx Panther was part of the (quite expensive) Menace of the Underdark pre-order package and those who shelled out for the pre-order were promised that it would never be available again, only that one time, only that one way. And yet, here comes the Panther again, except this time it is white.

Me? I think the fact that it is white is adequate differentiation between the Lion and the Panther. I don’t mind at all. And in fact, if you are one of those who purchased the Panther along with MotU, you still have a unique bonus that is available to no one else: you can have the Panther and the Lioness in your party at the same time. Both.
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Jan 312017

Well then, this is something new. Apparently Standing Stone Games has decided to give everyone who logs into an active VIP account a free gift. A level 20 permanent hireling named the “Alabaster Lioness Figurine of Wondrous Power”.

As near as I can tell, the Lioness is identical to the Figurine of Wondrous Power: Onyx Panther, another permanent hireling that was included in the Menace of the Underdark pre-order bonus. Except the Lioness is white while the Panther is black.
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Jun 042013

The Gold Seal Gang
The Gold Seal Gang

The new Shadowfell Conspiracy expansion pre-order can include (depending on exactly which version you purchase) up to two summon-able Owlbear companions. One is CR17 while the other is CR25.

Yes, Owlbears are an incredibly stupid monster, but we’ve already covered that. Today we’ll skip the argument about whether they should exist at all (hint: they should not) and instead focus on their utility as hirelings in DDO.

Like the Onyx Panther that was sold with last year’s expansion, the Owlbears serve as Gold Seal hirelings. Like other Gold Seal hirelings, you may summon them from anywhere within a quest, and you may have multiple Gold Seal hirelings in your party at once.
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Feb 282012

This item is only available by pre-ordering the expansion Menace of the Underdark between Feb. 27 2012 and June 24 2012. The item functions as if it were a gold seal hireling contract that never expires, summoning a panther when used. Like gold seal hirelings, one may summon the panther anywhere within a private instance, the panther will coexist with other hirelings and summonses, and takes up one party slot.

The panther functions as a level 20 fighter hireling, displaying a hireling control bar that features fighter feats Intimidate, Trip and Sunder.

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