Oct 242016

Comic Relief is the nom de plume of … well I have no idea what his real name is, I’ve never seen him without his alias. He is one of the original myDDO bloggers, back when Turbine hosted a blogging space for us and no one had to have their own site. It wasn’t a very good hosting space, and it was apparently expensive and difficult to maintain. But it was good enough to keep a few of us busy posting articles for more than three years. It went away eventually, done in by corporate whim.

But I digress. This isn’t about the death of myDDO, but rather about one specific myDDO survivor, the previously mentioned Comic Relief, who achieved the milestone of 100 posts. Congratulations Comic Relief!

On the occasion of his 100th post, he really hit a home run with this post:


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Izaak’s Fr!st P0st

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Apr 222013


The usual starting blog entry: DDO is down so I have nothing to do but write about it.

So hi there! I go by the name Stoerm on official forums and on MyDDO, but am known as Izaak to my guildies. Geoff was kind enough to take us MyDDO ejectees under his wing, and for some reason I decided to use that name instead in this context.

The good news for today is that apparently Turbine have decided to keep the character data API instead of closing it down together with MyDDO. Don’t quote me on this, totally second or n:th hand information. In practice it means we’ll keep cool 3rd party apps like Your DDO and DDO Oracle from going the way of the dodo. Good stuff, Turbine!

Apr 102013

Just Say No to MyDDO
Just Say No

The myDDO blogging diaspora continues. To date, I am aware of 15 new DDO-related blogging sites. In addition, seven authors have asked to be able to post here on DDOGamer, although there are a couple of authors that have their own sites AND permission to post on

It is a little difficult to track, but it seems likely that all or at least most of the more prolific myDDO posters have struck out on their own.

Not to worry, whether they are building it for themselves or sheltering here, the important thing is that everyone still has a home. And everyone does. The vital task of making everyone’s opinions known about everything continues uninterrupted.

So vital. So uninterrupted.
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Apr 022013

myDDO Detour
myDDO is going nowhere

I will be periodically posting this, or something like it, over the next few weeks. My apologies if you’ve already read this, but so it goes with repetitive PSAs; they are by definition repetitive.

Here is one more iteration:

Turbine recently announced that they would be closing down myDDO and all of it’s features including the myDDO blogging area. They have not yet announced a replacement, nor indicated that there will be a replacement. On the contrary, they are urging myDDO bloggers to create their own personal blog sites, and have written step-by-step for exporting your myDDO blog. These instructions can be found here.

The export process captures all of your posts and everyone’s comments. It does not capture ratings, or any customizations you may have made to your myDDO home page.

But you are not without resources, my DDO-writing friend, not at all.
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Mar 292013


Rest In Peace, myDDO

Sometime in the next two-four weeks, myDDO will be shut down, and that will be that.

MyDDO is different things to different people. For many, it is a series of web services that provide a slice of character and guild data that can be reworked into aftermarket tools and fansites like YourDDO and DDOViewer and DDOracle.

For some it meant lotteries.

For some it meant a way to view characters. Sometimes in a mean-spirited way but still, with no in-game method this was the only way to scope out a character in detail.

For me, and for a small number of others, myDDO meant DDO-based blogging.
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