Dancing With Myself

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Oct 182016

This giant mirror is my second-favorite thing about Update 32.*
For some reason, it catches me by surprise every time. I race up, expecting to have a four-way intersection, but no. The path remains linear, it is only a giant mirror.

I wonder if there is some new tech involved? We’ve had mirrors before, but never one like this, very bright, high fidelity, very very large.

Pretty reflection
Serves only one true purpose:
dancing with myself

Not that this is a bad thing, not at all. I like it when dancing breaks out.

Even if only dancing for one.

🙂 😀 🙂

*This is my favorite thing about Update 32


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Aug 202014

There is something about the mirrors in this game that draws me.

The quality of the mirror reflection is directly related to the quality of your video card; back in the bad old days I saw no reflection at all. But now I do and for some reason I find it fascinating.

Every time.

I am already watching my avatar, meaning, a stand-in version of me, more or less, standing there on my computer screen. Reflecting my avatar just makes it feel more … I don’t have the words here. Not “real”, nothing about DDO is “real”. Not “realistic” either. Avatar-y? As if Mawry is somehow more plugged into the game world when she can see herself reflected in the game’s virtual reflectors?

Wispy images
Reflection of character
Game play cohesion

Even the haiku doesn’t really get it right. But it’s closer.

It is interesting and vaguely related that a hand-mirror is used as one of the classic tests of life; can’t tell if someone is alive or dead? Hold a hand-mirror up to their mouths and see if their breath causes fogging.

Flex Mawry, flex! The world is looking at you through that mirror. Prove that you are (virtually) alive! Flex!

🙂 😀 🙂