Feb 102017

Another image that I cannot clearly recall taking but find to be extraordinary nonetheless. I think this one is from Temple of the Deathwyrm, and I think that with maybe a 60% confidence level. Maybe.

Right or wrong, I like the colors, and the light vs dark, but most of all I like the plucky-looking girl standing ready, faithful companion AdventureDog by her side, prepared to do whatever is necessary to save the world. Again.

Alone, together. Small but brave.

Tiny, heroic
Standing tall against Eeeeeeevil
A girl and her dog


The visual essence of the term “Halfling Commando”.

🙂 😀 🙂


p.s. this one, when clicked, makes a great desktop wallpaper. The darkness is perfect.

Feb 022017

This is one of my very favorite screenshots. Mawry and the Marut, fighting furiously, Mawry on the backstroke of a ferocious backhand slash, the Marut reeling, damage exploding off his chest in a shower of magical particles (even though that seems clearly higher up than Mawry can reach), sonic waves billowing forth from the center, bending all of reality to focus on this one event.

It is even better in full size. Click to see!

Fight for your life, Mawry! Try to survive, Marut!

We all know how this will end, the same way it always ends, Mawry victorious, Marut on the ground, knees up, fading away as he returns to Dolurh.

Someone posted something similar as a screenshot of the week, I wanted to link to it and give credit to whomever took the shot. I think it pre-dates mine, but my google-fu skills are not up to the task of finding it again.

Maybe I just hallucinated it. I don’t think so though, it is a pretty memorable image.

Memorable for all the right reasons. I love this image!

If you look closely enough, on the right side of the image, heavily obscured by the waves, there is a hireling cleric, standing there with a glowing purple mace, doing nothing, and actually facing the wrong way.

Yeah well, hirelings. What are ya gonna do?

Somehow it makes the image even better.

🙂 😀 🙂

Aug 172016

I’ve had this idea now for a couple of years. I wanted to make a James Bond movie intro, except with my character Mawry instead of Bond, and using this specific song: Supremacy (by Muse).

The song feels very Bondian, if there were such a thing. A perfect Bond movie intro accompaniment.

I’ve since given up on the idea, which I find to be a shame but it would take days to put together and I’ve never found the time. Nor will I, apparently. The plan faded into a scheme, then just an idea, and is now only a daydream.

But it would have been glorious.

Play that song – you can’t play the whole thing from that link, but you won’t need to, the vibe comes across clearly in the 30-second sample you can get for free. Now imagine …
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Postcard from Khyber

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Jul 062016
a girl and her dog

Beneath the Jungle of Khyber

Is this Khyber? Or the path between the jungle and Khyber? I don’t know. Certainly does look lonely though, doesn’t it? Grim too. Foreboding even.

Just a girl and her dog, out for a darkened walk down a dolorous pathway.

Somehow though, I think the story will have a happy ending; maybe it’s the cheery little dog.

Marriage is in the air again, but this time it’s my youngest son Jay who has totally overachieved and won the heart of the lovely and vivacious Bre. Naturally, I and the Gamer Girl are winging our way westward to watch all of the wedding-related fireworks.



Fortunately for you, this means no one is home to inflict your daily ration of uselessness and inanity. However, all good things must come to an end, even this, and you can expect (dread?) a resumption of the usual tripe (drivel?) on Friday July 8.

May 182016

I was paging through a folder old Fraps captures, looking to save some disk space and delete anything unused, when I came across this:


Summer Dancing

Mawry dancing in the summer sun. Click the image for an even larger, prettier version.


No idea why I made this, or why I kept this, or even what it signifies. But it makes quite the pretty gif.

Mawry dancing in the summer sun.


🙂 😀 🙂