Cat Birthday

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Sep 062016

My wife has decided that all of our cats have a birthday that is somewhere around now.

I don’t mean to imply that this is some sort of random assignment. For two of the three we can be fairly certain: we know when we adopted them and about how old they were at adoption. The older cat, Frank, is a different story, as he wandered in from the wilderness to adopt us. But I vaguely remember when that happened, and we can make certain vague guesses about how old he may have been at the time … all very vague of course.

But it is convenient to have all of them share the same birthday and so we do. Not a specific day, like I said earlier, just somewhere around now.

Cat birthdays are not celebrated in a particularly rigorous fashion. There are no cakes, no parties, and no clowns. No silly hats. No taking them out for a drink.

But there are gifts. Really that is the whole thing, gifts, in the form of new cat toys. Which, to be honest, we do all year round. Nevertheless, this time is different, this time they are not just toys because we happen to be in the pet store, no, this time they are presents! Birthday presents!

For each cat.

Because they love their toys.
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Nov 282014

Lucy and Linus, sleeping at last!
Kittens! Sleeping, but only momentarily

Meet Lucy and Linus, the aforementioned kittens who were nursed back to health by my Gamer Girl and are the most recent additions to our family.

We were only going to get one kitten. One! My Gamer Girl’s lovely Biscuit moved onto celestial catnip about a year ago, and it’s taken Yvonne all this time to agree that a replacement was in order. Even then, it was never discussed as a “replacement”, but rather as a pet for Frank the AdventureCat. Not a pet for us, not at all. Just for Cat.
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