like sands throught he hourglass – so go the days I spend working on this game

Time Passing

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Jan 092017

On November 22nd, I wrote

Cutout paper or printed cards, either way, you will want to wait for Round Two when I’ve finished applying the lessons learned to-date.

Sometime next week.


And that seemed about right at the time, maybe it would go another week, but probably not. I had no idea that I really meant six weeks. Six weeks! And I am still not in playtest round two.

I wonder why this is all taking so long? I mean, I know why, there were a lot of changes and I only have an hour a day to make them. Less really, because I don’t write about the game every day, and never on weekends. So … lots of work to do and not very much time to get it done.

Back in April when I first started this I thought I was almost done; I figured out how the game would work, and I thought that was the hard part. Except no, it was only the first of many hard parts.
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