Dec 162014

New uses for old business
In which we revisit recent DDOGamer topics with updates and new information

Dear Pugster
A plea to a missing guildmate to come back and play his Barbarians met with success! At least limited success, it’s too early to tell for certain, but he’s back and now his barbarian has more than two thousand hit points. Go Pug!

Wings Over Meridia
A rapturous celebration of the joys inherent in the ability Leap of Faith (and similarly, Abundant Step and the Cannith Boots of Propulstion). Clever readers point out that there are now several other ways to obtain the Abundant Step feature, some for druids and rogues and others. Expect an article illustrating all of them, just as soon as I can get around to it.
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Nov 282014

Lucy and Linus, sleeping at last!
Kittens! Sleeping, but only momentarily

Meet Lucy and Linus, the aforementioned kittens who were nursed back to health by my Gamer Girl and are the most recent additions to our family.

We were only going to get one kitten. One! My Gamer Girl’s lovely Biscuit moved onto celestial catnip about a year ago, and it’s taken Yvonne all this time to agree that a replacement was in order. Even then, it was never discussed as a “replacement”, but rather as a pet for Frank the AdventureCat. Not a pet for us, not at all. Just for Cat.
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