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Oct 232015

Night revels has more loot than anything
Night Revels is the new fall festival, replacing the lost but not lamented “Mabar: A Fortnight Of Lag” event. There were good things about Mabar, and bad things, but it no longer matters: Mabar is gone, Night Revels is here.

Or at least, it will be, just as soon as Turbine turns it on.

Although it is called a festival, it is really just a limited-duration way to gain specially-themed loot. The method involved is simple:

  1. Kill undead in Deleras Graveyard, collecting the Darkest Chocoloate (a Night Revel crafting ingredient) and special keys
  2. Use the keys to run one of four mini-quests
  3. Each of the mini-quests provides a different Night Revel crafting ingredient
  4. Combine the ingredients to get loot

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