May 022017

Sometime last week I started idly remembering jobs I’d had and how unusual some of them seemed, at least in retrospect. And even more, how many of them there were. Once I realized I was counting, I got to twenty almost immediately, estimating I could probably get to 50 if I put my mind to it.

I assumed I’d have to be pretty specific, itemizing assignments I’d had while doing staff work. But no, I didn’t. I got to 50 – in fact I got over 50 – without having to itemize anything. At all.

More than 50 distinct jobs for more than 50 distinct companies/bosses/locations.

Is this unusual? Does everyone have a rap sheet like this?

I doubt it. I look at my brother, he’s had one job for almost his entire adult career. Three different companies have paid him but it was all for the same job; his company was bought by IBM and later traded to AT&T. So … one job, in one place, for three companies, in 30 years.

And then there’s me. And my list. My long, very long, painfully detailed list. Did I mention how long it is?
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